Channel Seven Just Buried The End Of The Best AFL Game Of The Year In The Worst Possible Way

Channel 7’s digital offspring 7Mate just lost quite a few. Mates, that is.

Particularly those who support the Sydney Swans (Disclaimer: Me) and were glued to their seats as the Bloods clung to a five-point lead with 17 seconds left on the clock.

Port had just booted a goal and as the ball headed back for the final bounce, 7 did what was expected – cut to a break.

As you can see, 17 seconds left on the clock; plenty of time left to score a winning goal.

Picture: Channel 7

One ad, excusable and expected.

Picture: Channel 7

Second ad. Some stress, as evidenced by the blurry pic, but a short one, so no damage done.

Picture: Channel 7

Hang on. Three ads? That’s a first for the game. Surely the ball’s back to the centre by now.

Picture: Channel 7

OK, this is ridiculous. Cover the kids’ ears, dear.

Picture: Channel 7

At this stage, I’m wondering how the crowd’s reacting to this huge delay. Because they’ve got that light that flashes and tells the umpire when the TV audience is back, right?

This NRMA ad is interminable. It goes on and on.

Picture: Channel 7


Picture: Channel 7

ONE SECOND LEFT ON THE CLOCK. And clearly, we’ve just missed the most exciting 16 seconds of the game, where Port Adelaide pushed forward and could have sunk the Swans. WITH ONE SECOND REMAINING.

Channel Seven, that is beyond forgivable. Maybe states other than NSW got a different version, but NSW viewers deserve better.

Adding salt to the wound, 7Mate cut its coverage halfway through the Swans’ victory song.

Over to you, Twitter:

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