You Should Change Your Dropbox Password Right Now -- Here's How To Do It

On Monday night, news broke that hackers had reportedly obtained nearly 7 million Dropbox usernames and passwords. Dropbox says its service wasn’t hacked, but that the usernames and passwords had been stolen from various third-party services.

There are a ton of apps and services that integrate with Dropbox, making it nearly impossible to track down which ones have been compromised.

To play it safe, you should probably change your Dropbox password and enable two-step authentication if you haven’t already done so. The process takes less than five minutes, and is well worth it.

Two-step authentication is a method in which an app or service requests a separate means of authentication besides your password to log into your account. In most cases, this includes sending a text message with a code to your smartphone.

Once you log into your account, press the down arrow near your name in the upper right corner.

Then select 'Settings' from the drop down menu.

Click on the 'Security' tab and select 'Change password.'

Enter your old password and the password you wish to change it to.

Once you update your password, you'll see this message.

Now, it's time to enable two-factor authentication. In the 'Security' tab, select 'Enable' under 'Two-step verification.'

You'll see this prompt explaining what two-step verification is. Click 'Get started.'

Now, enter your new password.

Choose how you want to receive your security code: either via text message or through a third party app.

If you choose to receive codes via text, you'll have to enter your phone number.

Dropbox will send a code to your phone. Check your phone, and enter the code in the box.

Add a backup phone number (i.e. someone you trust like a spouse or roommate) in case you lose your phone and need to log in.

If all else fails, Dropbox provides you with an emergency backup code to disable two-step verification. Keep it in a safe place where no one else will see it.

And that's it! You'll see this confirmation message when you're finished.

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