Chance the Rapper apologizes to Dr. Dre for mocking his record label

Chance the rapper dr dreOwen Sweeney/AP; Jason Kempin/GettyChance the Rapper and Dr. Dre (inset).

Chance the Rapper, the first independent, streaming-only artist to win a Grammy, has apologised to Dr. Dre for mocking Dre’s Aftermath label and other music institutions on his 2017 Be Encouraged tour

On the tour, Chance played his anti-label single “No Problem” while the screen behind him projected parody names of various music labels. Def Jam became “Don’t Join,” and Dre’s Aftermath read “Can’t Do Maths,” Pitchfork reports

Chance took to Twitter on Thursday to apologise specifically to Dr. Dre, a legendary figure in hip-hop, and Aftermath for “publicly disrespecting their hard work and contributions to music.”

“Dre is a premier example of creating space for wealth and ownership in an industry designed for creatives to be the foot soldiers,” Chance wrote of the Aftermath CEO and former member of N.W.A.

“I set out to empower and I completely missed the ball and I know that now,” Chance added. “Once again Sorry to Dre, all the artists/producers at Aftermath and all the other folk trying to make a difference in music that I belittled.”

Read Chance’s tweets below:

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