Chance the Rapper is giving $1 million to help save Chicago public schools

Chance the Rapper has made his dedication to his native Chicago and the city’s youth clear, and now he’s putting serious money behind it.

The musician, who recently made history with his wins at the Grammys for his streaming-only album “Colouring Book,” announced on Monday he will be donating $US1 million to Chicago Public Schools, which is facing a budget crisis, The Chicago Tribune reports.

Chance is calling the donation a “call to action” for business and philanthropic leaders.

CPS needs $US215 million to help balance this year’s budget, and Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner has been deadlocked with Democratic officials over how to help the school district. The governor presented two options for getting the money to CPS on Monday, both of which were rejected by Chicago and CPS.

Governor Rauner previously vetoed legislation in December that would have sent the school district $US215 million.

Meanwhile, the budget hole could cause an early end to the school year for some 400,000 students.

Chance the Rapper met with Governor Rauner on Friday to discuss CPS funding and called their talk “unsuccessful.”

“Governor Rauner still won’t commit to give Chicago’s kids a chance without caveats or ultimatums,” Chance said in his announcement at Westcott Elementary School on the city’s South Side, according to The Chicago Tribune. “Governor Rauner, do your job.”

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