Champion’s new Nintendo collaboration includes $150 Mario overalls and a reverse weave Princess Peach ‘boyfriend hoodie’

  • Nintendo is releasing a “limited edition capsule collection” with Champion to celebrate 35 years of “Super Mario Bros.”
  • The collection has a range of products, including “super-limited quantity” of red overalls inspired by Mario’s signature look.
  • Nintendo has also re-released classic games to mark the 35th anniversary of the game.
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Nintendo is adding to its growing list of collaborations, this time with apparel company Champion.

On Tuesday, the gaming giant unveiled a “limited edition capsule collection” in honour of the 35th anniversary of “Super Mario Bros.” One piece, overalls inspired by Mario’s iconic look, will be available in a “super-limited quantity,” the company said.

The collection will be available starting Nov. 18 both online and some brick-and-mortar retailers. Prices range from $US30-$US150. Pieces include a black hoodie with Princess Peach, a tye-dye shirt featuring Toad, and other iconic Nintendo characters.

“As a brand that celebrated its centennial anniversary last year, Champion was thrilled to commemorate another iconic brand’s milestone,” David Robertson, director of Champion global brand marketing, said in a statement. “From the beginning, ‘Super Mario Bros.’ has represented teamwork by introducing many beloved characters who work together for the greater good. Champion is a brand that celebrates teams, in any shape or form, and we’re excited to welcome the whole Super Mario Bros. crew to ours.”

This collaboration isn’t the only way Nintendo is commemorating 35 years of “Super Mario Bros.”

Earlier this year, the company re-released Super Mario 64 — along with “Super Mario Sunshine” and “Super Mario Galaxy” — on Nintendo Switch consoles, and partnered with Amazon for Super Mario shipping boxes.

The tech company has also collaborated with other clothing retailers in the past, including fellow Japanese brand Uniqlo.

Champion has also been catering to gamers this year, with a special “Gamer Collection,” according to The Verge.

The entire collection can be viewed here, or simply scroll down for more photos and prices.

The collection is the first collaboration between Nintendo and Champion.


Top Centre: Heritage Tee, Fire Mario & Kanji, $US35.

Top Right: Champion Super Fleece 3.0 Overalls, Fire Mario, $US150. (Available in “super-limited” quantity.)

Centre: Reverse Weave Hoodie with a Chenille Mario, $US75.

Bottom Left: Packable 1/2 Zip Anorak, Mario & Toad, $US60.

Bottom Right: Reverse Weave Hoodie, Fire Mario & Fire Flower, $US75.

It includes hoodies.


A Toad-themed tee, crew, and hoodie.


Front: The Cloud Dye Heritage Tee, Toad & Script Logo retails for $US35 and is available in two colours.

Back: The Grey Reverse Weave Crew featuring Lakitu and Mario is $US65.

Right: Reverse Weave Hoodie with Toad & C Logos comes in two colours and retails for $US75.

A Chenille Mario-themed hoodie.


Reverse Weave Hoodie with a Chenille Mario, $US75.

Another with Mario from “Mario’s World.”


Reverse Weave Hoodie, Mario’s World, $US75.

A crew with Mario and Lakitu.


Reverse Weave Crew, Mario and Lakitu $US65.

A heritage tee featuring Mario, Kanji, & Cheep Cheep.


Heritage Tee, Mario, Kanji, & Cheep Cheep, $US35. Available in two colours.

And a Princess Peach “Boyfriend Hoodie.”


Women’s Reverse Weave Boyfriend Hoodie, Princess Peach & Script Logo, $US75.