College Basketball Team Wins By 104 Points In A Sham Game

Southern University beat Champion Baptist College 116-12 on Monday Night.

It’s a sham and the game never should have been played. Southern plays in Division I while Champion Baptist plays in a league far below Division III (and outside the NCAA organizational structure) called the Association of Christian Athletic Colleges.

Champion Baptist was founded in 2005 in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s a school so small (enrollment: 250) that Hot Springs native and USA Today writer Dan Wolken had never heard of it.

In four games against Division I competition this year, they’ve lost by an average of 67.3 points. They don’t have a player taller than 6’5″.

They shot 6% from the field and scored six points in each half on Monday:

Southern scored the first 44 points of the game. That somehow counts as an NCAA record:

So why would they even play this game?

Southern’s coach said after the game that he wanted to get his team some work for the upcoming conference season:

“The gameplan was to play hard every possession so we can get better going into conference play. We’re going up against two (conference) teams later this week, and we wanted to work on us.”

For Champion Baptist, it might come down to money.

Division II football teams routinely get six-figure payments to play (and get crushed by) Division I powerhouses. While the payments are lower in college hoops, and Southern isn’t exactly a power house, South athletic director Williams J. Broussard said after the game that Champion Baptist got some money out of it.

“I assume it’s a budget balancer for them as well,” he told ESPN.

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