You need this $500 champagne gun

Champagne gun
Any magnum-sized bottle of champagne can fit in the device. Champagne gun

If you thought spraying champagne around the normal way was enough to get a party started, the maker of the world’s first champagne gun would like to have a word with you.

French nightclub party suppliers Extra-Night (the same company that sells those champagne sparklers) have invented a device that can amplify the normal spray of a champagne bottle, allowing it to be sprayed up to 23 feet for 45 seconds like a Super Soaker — once shaken up, of course.

It can hold any magnum-size bottle of bubbly. 

Soaker gif

It can also be used as a traditional — albeit much more threatening — gentle pourer.

Pour gif

The device costs about $500, but is currently on sale for the bargain-basement price of $459. It comes in gold, rose gold, and chrome. Miami nightclubs Seaspice, Hyde Beach, and LIV have all purchased the device, according to Maxim.

For more, check out a video of the device below.


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