CHALLENGE: Can You Spot The Hand In This Photo Of Samsung’s Huge New Phone?

Over at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung announced a new “phablet” – the Galaxy Note 8.

It’s screen is 8-inches diagonal. 

That’s huge.

It’s so huge that looking at pictures of people holding the Galaxy Note 8 reminds me of some of my favourite books from when I was a kid – the Where’s Waldo? series.

Except, instead of trying to find Waldo, looking at pictures of the Note 8 has you looking for the user’s hands.

So … here’s your challenge.

Can you spot the hands in these photos of gadget reviewers holding the Galaxy Note 8?

Answers below.

1) Somewhere in this photo, there is PC Pro’s Jonathan Bray’s left hand. See it?

samsung galaxy note 8

[credit provider=”PC Pro” url=””]

2) And in this photo, The Verge’s Dan Seifert shows us the Note 8’s back. But where is his hand?!?!

samsung galaxy note 8 back

[credit provider=”The Verge” url=””]

3)Finally, here’s an image from Gizmodo writer Kyle Wagner’s “hands on” review of the Note 8. Can you spot his fingers? 

samsung galaxy note 8 gizmodo

[credit provider=”Gizmodo” url=”’0/”]


1) If you look closely, you can see Bray’s thumb on the left of the phone and three fingers on the right. Wow! Big hand!

2) See where the shadow of Seifert’s camera darkens the back of the phone? Look at the very very top of the shadow and then scan your eyes left, and you’ll see his thumb.

3) No idea!

(So, OK. Obviously we’re just having a bit of fun with how huge these phones are. But seriously, does anyone want a phone this big? If yes – and the 10 million Notes sold so far, indicate that’s the answer – then there is no distinction between phone and tablet anymore. It’s just a continuum.)