Can You Float On Air Like Tokyo’s Levitating Girl?

The internet can be a wonderful platform for expression; it’s free, it’s vast, and anyone can take a stab at promoting their ideas to a large audience. While some feel the low entrance barrier for content creation has in turn created lower standards in terms of quality, the medium has also been credited with outputting far fresher, more authentic and original content than would likely surface in old media. And while many artists go unnoticed, others explode on the scene.

One such example is Natsumi Hayashi, a 17-year-old photographer of out of Tokyo, and inspiration for our first Giveaway Tuesdays! challenge.

Called “Tokyo’s Levitating Girl”, the young photographer has attracted international attention, off and online. For the past nine months or so, Natsumi has been photographing herself suspended mid-air all over the busy metropolis of Tokyo.

The photographs are fresh, lively and graceful—(the latter of which can be attributed to Natsumi’s dancer-like poses). Natsumi publishes her levitation self-portraits daily to her blog Yowa Yowa Camera Woman Diary, which translates literally to “a feeble camera woman’s diary.”

Levitating Girl

The meaning of the project is as conceptually accessible and poetic as her poses. Inspired by the old saying “to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground”, Natsumi visually demonstrates the opposite of such level-headed practicality: A dreamy, whimsical experience of daily life, with one’s feet free and floating.

How does Natsumi do it? She’s not a magician; nor does she doctor the images in Photoshop. The process is simple: a pre-set timer or friend manning the camera, plus lots and lots of jumping (sometimes up to 200 times in a row). So without adieu, this week’s challenge: Can you float on air like Tokyo’s levitating girl?

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