Chael Sonnen Loses CSAC Fight, Says He’s Retired

UFC fans have probably seen the end of Chael Sonnen. The CSAC voted 4-1 to hold up Sonnen’s indefinite suspension. Sonnen told the CSAC that Dana White told him that his career is over if he doesn’t get licensed today.

Sonnen fought the fight of his life today. Sonnen met with the CSAC to get his licence back after a recent re-suspension by the CSAC. The re-suspension came after Sonnen plead guilty in a mortgage fraud case and lied under oath to the CSAC. If Sonnen was telling the truth, today’s decision has ended his UFC career.

The UFC has stood by Sonnen during his battles with the CSAC and NSAC. It appears that the UFC is moving on.  Sonnen told the CSAC today,  “If I don’t get my licence today I’m effectively retired. That came from the boss, Dana White.”

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