Chad Ochocinco To Reporters: "I Love You Guys"

Chad Ochocinco met with the New England media for the first time Saturday since being dealt to the Patriots, and what we witnessed was a kinder, gentler Ochocinco. Sounding humble, charming, and almost reserved, the talented receiver was either so happy to get out of Cincinnati that he’s willing to tow the company line no matter what the cost, or he’s completely bought into the Bill Belichick school of what it takes to be a Patriot.

I’d say it’s a little bit of both.

Ochocinco, still the charmer, and still drunk from the joy of not having to play for the Bengals, had one final request for the throng of media members before calling it a day. In a rather sweet moment, Ochocinco politely asked for a group hug, to which the reporters obliged, then told them, “I love you guys.”

Call me overly emotional, but I teared up. Group hugs are way underrated as far as signs of affection go.  We should all engage in a group hug at least once a day—it’s good for the psyche.  Plus you can cop a feel and get away with it, if that’s your game.

Video of Ochocinco’s tender moment follows the jump…

Sweet, but can we expect Chad Ochocinco to tone it down for the entire season, as he claims he’s going to do? Not likely, but I can definitely see him scaling back on his outrageousness during the season, only because Bill Belichick wields more power over his players than Marvin Lewis ever did.

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