Here’s Chad Ochocinco Getting Thrown Off A Wild Bull

This is what happens with there’s a lockout. Bored football players risk their lives by riding bulls for charity.

Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco last just 1.5 seconds on the 1,500-pound Deja Blue, during a Professional Bull Riders event on Saturday. Despite not lasting long, he earned $10,000 for charity and got some much needed publicity for him and the PBR.

He may not have a long ride, but our hats are off to him for even giving it a shot. When we were at a PBR event a Madison Square Garden earlier this year, we stood just inches away from an angry bull standing in the chute – and you couldn’t have paid us $10,000 to even sit on it. Never mind opening the gate for a guaranteed thrashing.

Check out the video from SportsCenter:

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