Chace Crawford Could Still Replace Zac Efron In "Footloose"


Chace Crawford is in the running to replace his doppelganger Zac Efron in Footloose, despite a flurry of conflicting reports over the past few days.

Paramount denied Entertainment Weekly‘s report that the movie was on hold, telling the mag the film was “still moving forward” and “casting is still in progress.” While the studio wouldn’t comment on whether Chace had screen-tested for Zac’s part, as was originally reported, two separate sources told EW that the Gossip Girl star met with Footloose‘s director Kenny Ortega.

While it’s up to Paramount whether Chace can act, sing and dance well enough to land the part (or at least act and dance; the singing they can get someone else for and just have him lip synch), we think he’s a likely candidate to replace the High School Musical heartthrob for two major reasons.

  1. The Look-Alike Factor: Chace Crawford and Zac Efron look very much alike, and while we’re sure Zac wasn’t cast for his looks alone and there’s no reason Paramount has to cast his twin, Zac was attached to the film for a long enough time that the movie’s writer and director probably got used to basing the film around a main character who looks like him. Plus, both Zac and Chace not only appeal to the teenage-girl demographics, but chances are they appeal to the exact same teenage girls.
  2. The CAA Factor: Both Zac and Chace are repped by the uber-powerful Creative Artists Agency, so surely the agency would be happy to sub in one of their clients for another and get the same fee. Furthermore, Chace hasn’t landed any major roles since he signed with CAA over the summer in a high-profile switch. Footloose would prove, at least to Chace, that the switch paid off.

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