CFA EXAM DAY HORROR STORY: A Small Group Of Test Takers Faced The Ultimate Ethical Dilemma

Lord of the Flies

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CFA Exam Day is coming up this Saturday, and nerves around Wall Street are probably running high. Stakes are particularly high for those hoping to pass Level 2 and Level 3 because they are offered only once a year—CFA Level 1 tests are offered twice a year.So to celebrate the occasion, Clusterstock will be running and collecting CFA Exam Day horror stories throughout the week. Have a story? Send it in to [email protected].

To kick off the week of stories, a current CFA charterholder shared with Business Insider a story from when he was taking his Level 2 exam that involved a forgotten calculator, which he says presented every test taker in the room with an “ethical quandary”—

The CFA Institute allows you to bring two calculators in case one calculator’s battery dies. In the section I was in, one guy forgot his calculator.

He was sweating, his face turned purple and it looked like he was about to cry.

And everyone else in the room was pretending they couldn’t hear what was going on, even though they knew exactly how the guy felt. But at the same time, nobody wanted to risk losing another year on their CFA progress. Nobody wanted to give the guy their second calculator because everyone’s thinking “If my calculator dies and I fail, then I have to wait a year to take the test again.”

Apparently, minutes before the test was set to begin, someone lent the guy their extra calculator.

What would you have done?

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