This robot dog costs $US199 and chases around a Bluetooth ball that it can actually fetch

Meet the WowWee Chip — short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet — a forthcoming robot dog that costs $199, with the actually very cute superpower of chasing a ball around.

Here’s Chip:

Wowwee chipMatt Weinberger/Business InsiderThe WowWee Chip, posted on a CES 2016 carpet.

Note Chip’s little wheels. They can really move — especially when you throw his little Bluetooth ball, which causes Chip to go scampering after it:

The WowWee Chip is controlled by a wearable watch controller, that you can use to activate games like fetch and soccer, as well as have it follow you around. WowWee promises that Chip has a real personality that will respond to its owner. And he really can fetch by nosing the ball back to you once he’s caught it.

WowWee’s whole deal is smart, robotic toys: It’s also responsible for the Miposaur, a popular robotic dinosaur toy from which the company similarly promises oodles of personality.

In my brief demo, Chip scampered around adordably, looking at humans even as it desperately tried to avoid crashing into their shoes.

Still, I’m going to call it: WowWee Chip isn’t as cute as my dog. Or even the robot cat.

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