Snapchat sure made its mark on this Las Vegas landmark

During the tech extravaganza that is CES 2016, tech companies can go to ridiculous extremes to make a splash.

For instance, there’s Snapchat, which plastered its famous ghost logo on the iconic black pyramid of Las Vegas’ Luxor Hotel & Casino:

Luxor snapchat ghost sphinx

It’s well visible from a distance, just to give you a sense of scale:

Snapchat ghost luxor

It’s a lot like the extremely minimalist billboards the picture messaging startup placed in tourist locations like New York City’s Times Square:

Advertising like this ain’t cheap, and probably eats into a healthy chunk of Snapchat’s $16 billion valuation — a valuation that may be in danger as its ad business struggles.

Another billboard on the MGM Grand casino — which I couldn’t get a picture of — advertised a Snapchat VIP CES afterparty later this week. Given that I can’t seem to find any information on this party online, it seems fair to assume that it’s going to be both highly exclusive and very posh.

It’s a lot of spending, is what I’m saying. Here’s hoping that Snapchat ultimately finds that it was worth it.

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