Samsung and MasterCard will let you order groceries straight from your fridge

Samsung Family Hub refrigeratorSamsungThe Samsung Family Hub smart fridge.

At CES 2016, Samsung and MasterCard jointly announced Groceries by Mastercard, a grocery delivery service that you can use to order food straight from your Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator.

Samsung calls it “the first shopping app integrated into a refrigerator” in a press release.

The way it works sounds pretty simple. Use the Samsung Family Hub’s Groceries by MasterCard app to make your shopping list, then use a four-digit pin to approve your purchases.

At launch, it supports buying groceries via online store FreshDirect and the ShopRite chain. Orders are delivered directly by the grocery store, unlike Silicon Valley darling Instacart’s concierge-driven model.

And no, you don’t need a MasterCard to take advantage, the company confirmed on stage. It will work with any card. MasterCard just handles the payment processing, which is a particular speciality.

There’s also a companion mobile app, so family members can make their own shopping lists.

If you want to order groceries with your fridge, the Samsung Family Hub will be out in May.

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