Cerberus Pulls Down Redemption Gates At Two Funds


Cerberus has had a bad week.

Today the fund put in place a three-year lock up preventing investors to withdraw their money from two of its hedge funds.

The move comes on the heels of Tuesday’s rumour that some of the firm’s funds were on the verge of defaulting, prompting managing director Tim Price to come forward and say that, well, no, there was absolutely “no truth the speculation.”

Investors withdrew $4.7 billion of the $7.7 billion in assets in the two Cerberus Partners hedge funds recently, which amounts to 60% of those funds assets under management. It’s also 19% of the total $23.4 billion of assets under management across of of Cerberus’s funds.

From the Financial Times:

Mr Neporent [Cerberus COO] stressed that those redemption requests totaled less than 20% of Cerberus’s $24.3bn in assets under management and would not constrain its ability to operate its private equity and hedge funds businesses.

“We still have lots and lots of money in our core business. We have ample liquidity to do what we want to do,” he said.

Uh oh. That’s the dreaded “ample liquidity” reassurance that no one ever finds reassuring.  Welcome back to September.

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