CEOs Will Be Able To Register Interest In Joining Tony Abbott On Future Overseas Trips

Tony Abbott in JakartaCAPTION: ‘AND THEN I SAID … (leave your version in the comments and we’ll post the best later)’ Getty / Oscar Siagian

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has a group of leading Australian CEOs with him on his current trip to Indonesia and it appears it’s something he wants to make a habit.

According to The Australian, Abbott told a business breakfast yesterday in Jakarta that he’d be setting up a register at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that would allow businesses to register their interest in joining him on future overseas trips.

The current group with Abbott includes ANZ’s Mike Smith, CBA’s Ian Narev, Leighton’s Hamish Tyrwhitt, and Paul O’Malley of BlueScope.

Smith said governments in other western countries had closer ties with business “than has traditionally been the case in Australia”.

“And what is great to hear from Tony Abbott is that he wants that to change,” Smith said. “He wants to work with business, as he said Australia is open for business again, and I think a good example is this mission.”

There’s more at The Australian.

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