Why CEOs Should Unload The Office Dishwasher

Scott FerberScott FerberScott Ferber is the Chairman and CEO of Videology.

It’s very important to remain approachable and available to your staff if you want everyone to contribute, says Scott Ferber, CEO of digital video advertising platform Videology.

“When people see you are a real, approachable person they are more likely to feel like part of the team and give their best,” Ferber tells Business Insider.

To achieve this approachable persona, Ferber often unloads the dishwasher at his office to make it a point that “he sees himself as an equal within the organisation.” He also says that’s where he has some of his best conversations during the day.

The chief executive hold a daily all-hands meeting where all ideas are welcomed. He also tries to attend every meeting that he gets invited to from his staff. If he can’t attend them, Ferber will often dial in to give his input about the discussion.

“Including everyone is not a means to ‘be a good person’ or ‘do the right thing’ — it is an effort to lead your company in the strongest way possible, with a bold exchange of ideas, which lead to wins for you, your company, and your employees,” says Ferber.

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