A Simple Way To Make 82 per cent Of People Trust Your Company More

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Photo: Brandfog

Twitter has lots of advantages, including the power to dramatically improve a company’s image.According to a recent study by BrandFog, people want to see CEOs — not just a company’s PR team — actively using Twitter, Facebook, or any form of social media.

The “2012 CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey” — which asked hundreds of employees from Fortune 500s as well as mid-sized companies and start-ups about the impact of top executives using social media to communicate with employees and consumers — found that 82 per cent of respondents were “more likely” or “much more likely” to trust a company whose CEO used social media.

Since the CEO is the face of a company, people want to hear from that person every once in a while. It helps them know that a CEO isn’t just a stoic figure, but rather someone who wants to engage with customers and employees. Using social media is a simple way to establish trust.

And these days, a CEO who knows how to tweet just seems more relevant.

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