These CEOs are taking advantage of the market plunge to double down on their own companies

There are no two ways around it: Late August has the stock market in a swoon.

Friday’s market plunge made the past week the worst for the Dow since the nadir of the financial crisis.

For some chief executives, that means it’s time to buy.

Senior leaders at Lending Club and On Deck Capital, which each saw shares hampered by a recent court decision, have been buyers of company shares this month.

At Twitter, execs that were once dumping stock changed their minds and start buying back in as the company’s shares test their original float price.

And Elon Musk doubled down on his electric car maker Tesla, in a big way this week.

Business Insider went through Form 4s filings to come up with a list of the insiders buying company stock in hopes that their market timing will make them a bundle in the long-run.

Laplanche doubles down on Lending Club after recent drop

Plug and Play
Renaud Laplance at Plug and Play

Lending Club shares were recently dinged on a court decision that could impact a substantial portion of its business on the East Coast.

But that's not keeping Renaud Laplanche from doubling down. Yesterday, he picked up 50,000 shares in Lending Club, adding to his holdings. Laplanche hasn't sold any stock since the IPO, so far.

ZenDesk CEO bumps up his holdings in August

Twitter/Mikkel Svane
Here he comes, to buy some stock.

ZenDesk stock has been getting slammed in 2015. Shares are down more than 16% this year and CEO Mikkel Svane might be smarting.

He has increased his net position in 2015. Svane has added to his overall position in the company over the course of the year, and added to his position in the company this month.

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