Why Hootsuite's CEO Wants Employees To Sleep At Work

Most employers would be angry if they caught an employee sleeping on the job.

But not Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite, a social media management dashboard.

In fact, he encourages it.

Holmes says in a recent LinkedIn post that the Hootsuite offices have nap rooms and sleeping pods for its employees, because he believes getting enough sleep should be a priority, and that every employee should listen to their body when they need a rest.

“It’s not worth depriving yourself of sleep for an extended period of time, no matter how pressing things may seem,” he says.

In the tech world, pressures to stay innovative and competitive run high, making it incredibly tempting for executives and employees alike to skimp on sleep in favour of putting in extra hours.

While there’s nothing wrong with being dedicated to your work, Holmes points out that sleep deprivation comes with a slew of consequences, including increased risk for diabetes, depression, and obesity. “Lack of sleep has become so widespread that the CDC recently declared it a public epidemic,” he reports.

Ryan HolmesRyan Holmes / LinkedInRyan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite.

However, Holmes notices several companies changing their ways in response to this epidemic. “Many of the same tech startups so notorious for workaholic culture are taking the lead in ensuring employees get adequate shut-eye,” he says.

Getting enough sleep is not only good for employees’ health, but also helps prevent burnout. “A good metaphor is running a marathon versus a sprint,” Holmes explains. “In your job, you can sprint from time to time, but long-term success depends on maintaining a marathoner’s steady gait.”

Even a 10 minutes can make a difference, Holmes says. Short power naps boost productivity and help employees focus.

Click here to read the full LinkedIn post.

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