Why one CEO says she only hires people who want her job

Lisa gersh gwyneth paltrowLayne Murdoch Jr. / Getty ImagesLisa Gersh (left), the CEO of Goop, with the site’s founder Gwyneth Paltrow (right).

Most interviewers want to know the job candidates they are considering for a role
won’t be out for their job. But Lisa Gersh, the CEO of Goop, a
weekly lifestyle site founded and curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, looks for people who will.

In a recent interview with Adam Bryant of The New York Times, Gersh said: “
If I’m hiring for my team, I want them to tell me they want to be the CEO at some point. I want them all to be training to be CEOs, to feel the same kind of ownership that you do when you’re a CEO.”

That’s not the only thing Gersh wants in an employee.

“With everyone I interview, I’m always looking for smart. And I don’t mean academically smart. I mean someone who’s really had to use their intellect to move forward. You can tell that pretty quickly,” she told Bryant.

“I also like people who’ve had to be somewhat independent in their life, and they have done something that’s a little bit off course — like they were an art history major but then decided to be a coder, and that’s their passion now. I like inconsistencies because I think they’re going to think more broadly.”

Read the full New York Times interview here.

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