The ANZ CEO wants customers to contact him directly so he's made his email address public -- here it is

William West/AFP/Getty Images
  • Shayne Elliott, the CEO of the ANZ Bank, today made public his direct email address.
  • He says he’s made it a priority to listen and meet with customers.
  • He insists he answers his own emails and doesn’t have staff to do it for him.

ANZ Bank CEO Shayne Elliott says he personally answers the emails he gets from customers.

Elliott was appearing before a parliamentary inquiry hearing today where he acknowledged that ANZ has engaged in misconduct and conduct falling below community standards and expectations.

On questioning, he insisted that he didn’t have other staff answer his emails on his behalf.

“Customers email me daily,” he told the hearing. “I respond to each one personally.”

He then publicly released his email address — [email protected]

Elliott says the financial services royal commission’s interim report lays out conduct of a standard below what the community expects and, at times, what the law requires.

“These observations have rightly dismayed and disappointed Australians,” he says.

“It is completely unacceptable that we have caused financial harm and emotional stress to our customers.”

Elliott says he’s made it a priority to meet with customers in their businesses, on their farms and in their towns.

He will be meeting with individual customers today, after the parliamentary committee hearing, who have made submissions to the royal commission.

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