CENSUS: This is the 'typical' Australian

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The typical Australian is a 38-year-old woman who was born in Australia and is of English ancestry.

The first taste of the data gathered from the census in August last year was released today. It provides insight into what characteristics make the typical Australian.

And according to the data, the typical Australian is married and lives in a couple family with two children and has completed Year 12.

She lives in a mortgaged house with three bedrooms and two cars.

In 2006, the typical home was owned outright. Today, there are regional differences. The typical Tasmanian home is owned outright and in the Northern Territory most rent their homes.

Not all states are equal when it comes to living. The typical Western Australian lives in a four-bedroom house.

In 1911, when the first census was taken, the typical Australian was a 24 year old male. However, women have outnumbered men since 1979.

A snapshot of the typical Australian in 2016:

Source: 2016 Census

The typical Australian male is 37 years old, a year younger than his female counterpart.

He spends less than five hours a week on domestic work compared to the typical female of between five and 14 hours a week.

In 2016, the typical Australian home is owned with a mortgage.

The age of the typical Australian varies across the states and territories.

The typical Tasmanian is the oldest of all Australians at 42 years old, while the Northern Territorian is the youngest at 34.

Detailed census data won’t be released until June but this preview shows some characteristics including age, sex, family composition, marital status, ancestry and housing.

The 2016 census was the first to digitally gather data.

However, the online site crashed on census night, leaving millions of households without a way to lodge their information.

The outage was caused by a distributed denial of service “attack”, brought down by an unusually large level of traffic believed to have come from Singapore.

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