Here’s where more people are dying than being born

Birth and death rates are, naturally, a big part of how populations change over time.

The US Census Bureau recently released its estimates of how the populations of America’s counties and cities changed between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014.

The Census Bureau includes estimates of the different components of population change. One of those components is “natural change”, or the total number of births minus the total number of deaths in a particular area. This gives a measure of how the existing population of an area is changing, without factoring in people moving in or out of that area.

About two-thirds of America’s 3,142 counties saw more births than deaths. Much of Appalachia, Maine, and northern Michigan had more deaths than births.

Here’s the natural change for each county between 2013 and 2014, adjusted by the county’s 2013 population:

County natural change map

Here are the fifteen counties with the highest population-adjusted natural increase:

County table natural highest

And here are the counties with the largest natural decreases, or the largest difference between deaths and births:

County table low natural

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