Americans Are Still Moving To The Suburbs

Americans still love the suburbs, and are still moving there from big cities.

According to the Census Bureau’s most recent release on inter-county migration shows that in some of the nation’s largest cities, the trend is to move out to far-flung suburbs. The Census keeps track of population flows between different counties by using data from the 2007-2011 American Community Survey.

Here are the 25 largest net annual population flows — that is, the pairs of counties with the largest number of people moving from the origin to the destination, minus people moving in the other direction:

For nearly all of these, the move is from a county containing a large city to a nearby, less urbanized county. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, New York, and Houston all show up more than once — they all have nearby suburban counties with large flows of people going from city to suburb.

The flows that are not going from cities to suburbs are in Southern California, in which people are shuffling between different suburbs of Los Angeles, and New York, which is complicated by the fact that the city itself is made up of five separate counties.

The Census bureau also has a handy mapping tool to see where people are coming and going. Here’s a screengrab.

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