Census 2016: The typical Australian

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The typical Australian has got a bit older, about 38 years, and is female, according to data from the 2016 census.

A decade ago, the typical Australian would have been a year younger. At the first census in 1911 the average Australian Aussie was a 24 year old man.

Today the typical Australian is married with two children, has completed Year 12 and lives in a three bedroom house with two cars.

They are likely to have been born in Australia, have English ancestry and have parents who were also born in Australia.

The Australian male is more likely aged 37 years old and spends less than five hours a week on domestic work.

Women are a bit older, about 38 years old, and they spends between five and 14 hours a week cleaning and maintaining the household.

There are plenty of local differences. A typical person from New South Wales, Victoria or Western Australia has at least one parent who was born overseas.

The typical Australian lives in a three-bedroom house but in Western Australian they have a bit more space with a four-bedroom house.

Most have a mortgage, a change from 2006 when the typical Aussie home was owned outright.

But location makes a difference. The typical Tasmanian home is owned outright, while in the Northern Territory they rent.

The typical Australian at a glance:

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