CENSORSHIP: NBC News Blocked Me From Commenting On NDAA And SOPA

NBC News has an official Google+ page. They’ve been using it to promote, mostly, annoying TMZ-style celebrity news updates.

This morning, I commented on a post that appeared in my feed about a cruise ship accident in Italy (which killed 3), requesting they cover NDAA and SOPA, two of the most important news stories in the United States, and which affect ALL 307 million of us.

Less than a minute later, my comment was deleted, and I was blocked from viewing or commenting on any of NBC News’ content on Google+.

The implications of this are scary.

How can NBC News be allowed to keep “News” in its name? I’d encourage every one of my readers to visit their official Google+ and Facebook pages today and flood NBC with requests to cover NDAA and SOPA. They can’t ignore us all.

(Also worth noting: NBC Universal reportedly strong-armed its business partners into supporting a bogus pro-SOPA “grassroots” movement. For obvious reasons, NBC News and others in the presstitute corporate media buried that story.)

UPDATE 12:55pm ET: A reader via my Google+ profile, Tony Samuels, says a similar thing happened to him when he posted a comment about this to NBC News’ official Facebook group page: “By the way my 12:11 FB group post was removed within 3 minutes.” Other reports of similar deletions are coming in now, I’m retweeting them as I receive them.

UPDATE 2 1/15/12, 4:43pm ET: Allegations of NDAA/SOPA-related censorship on NBC News’ Google+ page continuing to stream in from other users. Taylor Boatright had his comments deleted, and was blocked from viewing the NBC News page, this afternoon. He writes: “All I said was: ‘Anything and Everything should be said! It is our FIRST AMENDMENT right to do so. In not discussing NDAA/SOPA/PIPA you are aiding in the destruction of this right. All of these laws deal with limiting how we can express ourselves and are against our FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.'”

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