Two Numbers From The Celtics-Heat Game Prove Boston Will Be A Force In The NBA Playoffs

Kevin Garnett LeBron James

Photo: Getty Images/Jim Rogash

115 and +6.Those are the total number of points the Boston Celtics scored in beating the Miami Heat 115-107 Tuesday as well as the Celtics’ rebounding margin in the game (40 to 34).

Throughout the season the Celtics have REALLY struggled to score points (91.9 per game) and rebound well (-4.7 per game rebounding margin).

Boston ranks in the bottom five of the NBA in points and a woeful 28th in rebounding.

What’s been fortunate for the Celtics, and why they’ve been on such an amazing run of late (18-7 since the All-Star break), is that their defence is still great (tops in defensive efficiency) and they’ve significantly cut down on turnovers.

Sure, Boston destroyed Miami 91-72 not too long ago, but the Heat couldn’t hit any baskets that day and were in the middle of their “we don’t really care about the regular season” stretch.

The Celtics won on Tuesday by playing by the Heat’s terms: matching them point-for-point and playing an up-tempo style.

In winning such a high-scoring affair and attacking the boards the Celtics let it be known they won’t go away quickly in the playoffs and are leaps and bounds better than the team that once thought of blowing up their entire roster.

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