A Reckless Tackle During A Champions League Match Left A Celtic FC Player With A Disturbing Leg Injury

Celtic midfielder Kris Commons had to go to the hospital on Wednesday night after he was hit in the outer thigh on a careless tackle from Spartak Moscow midfielder Kim Kallstrom during the teams’ Champions League match. (H/T Deadspin)

The tackle, which resulted in a red card to Kallstrom, left some serious collateral damage to Commons’ leg. Commons tweeted “Now that’s a dead leg!!! Worth it though to get in last 16. Buzzin is a understatement,” with a picture of a bump the size of a grapefruit on his leg in the hospital.

Whoever told you soccer isn’t a contact sport was lying. Luckily, Commons got the last laugh with his penalty kick goal in the 82nd minute sending Celtic through to the Round of 16.

Watch the play below, and scroll down even further to see the brutal toll that the tackle took on Commons’ leg. You’ve been warned, it isn’t pretty.

Here are the photos Commons tweeted out that night:

Soccer Knee Injury

[credit provider=”Twitter/Kcommons15″ url=”https://twitter.com/kcommons15/status/276453259793805313″]

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[credit provider=”Twitter/kcommons15″ url=”https://twitter.com/kcommons15/status/276453259793805313″]