If You Think mobile phone Cameras Stink, Look At These Beautiful Pictures

Smrtphne Pix

If the results of this week’s mobile phone Shooting Challenge prove anything, it’s that there’s no excuse for taking a bad photo with a mobile phone, even if resolution, colour processing and exposure limitations force you to get a bit creative.


Lead Shot

Took this photo in London today with an Apple iPhone 3GS, Edited using the 'TiltShiftGen' App.
Couldnt resist a photo of these reflections of bright lights in the water.
-Charlie Davis


I shot this picture with my HTC Evo set to 8megp. I found this little crop of corn on the side of the road two days ago, hopped out of my car, tripped over some steel wire and cut my shin. BUT, the sun was setting so I snapped a quick photo. No in phone alteration or anything. The Sun coming through the trees at the top of the picture gave a unique colour palate to the rest of the picture. Hope you like it.
-Anthony Meadows

iPhone 3GS, PS Mobile

Shot with an Iphone 3gs edited in Photoshop mobile
-Zachary Hertel-Therrien

There was a storm nearby and a tree fell on my girlfriends roof. It was cut into pieces to take it out of the house. The tree was an 'Eucalipto', the program i used was PS Mobile, took the picture, full contrast, full sharpen (gave the fire effects), some saturation and thats it!
-Bernal González Orellana

I've taken this photo leaving school tonight. I was studying the whole day for my exams, in the new library of the EPFL, the Learning centre. By leaving the Learning centre after a tough day, I enjoyed the the sunset, walked a bit further a I thought 'No way, I've to take a picture of this'. (As you may not know, the weather was horrible these two last weeks in Switzerland. Today was the first day we could go outside without a jacket :D ). I went back, aligned to have a nice reflexion of sunset in the Learning centre windows and shot
-Donovan Koch

iPhone 4

I just got my iphone 4 after waiting 5 hours in line. For the past two days I have just playing with it non stop (resulting in a few close call care crashes). While driving home from work on I-10, I pulled out my camera, tapped to focus and... voila!
-Sebastien Bonnot

BlackBerry Tour 9630

Living close to Lake Shore drive in Chicago has its perks. I have been using Palm Treos since I could remember (300, 600, 650, 700, 755). I decided to make the jump finally to the Blackberry Tour 9630. This picture was taken by my new 9630 right off of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. I was playing around with my Tour after a long bike ride and saw the perfect picture opportunity. I took this to use as my phone background. This is the most calming and peaceful picture ever.
Phone Used: Sprint Blackberry Tour 9630
-Michael Ying

Samsung Sway

This photo was taken with my 2.0 megapixel Samsung Sway mobile phone. The photo was taken in a darkened room, with the 'negative' colour effect, which is included in the phone's camera options. The light is a black light, the 3 sticks around the light are 'dead' (already used) glowsticks, and the 2 orange sticks are LED glowsticks.
-Jordan Ruedy

iPhone 3GS - AutoStitch Panorama

Device: iPhone 3GS with iOS 4
App used: AutoStitch Panorama
Technique: Panning and stitching
The sun was just setting and, after reading the challenge, I left to go pick up some food from the local Mexican joint. As I'm locking the door, I look at the sky and see beautiful colours. I decided to go with a panoramic shot since one shot probably wouldn't have done the view justice. This is the result.
-Nolan Gaudreau

BlackBerry 8900

I took this photo on my Blackberry 8900 and used an iPod Touch to edit it in Chase Jarvis' The Best Camera app (Believe me, I wish I just had an iPhone). I've been taking photos on my Blackberry ever since I was inspired by Chase Jarvis' mobile phone photography preachings and photos. This candid photo was taken at a party against a white wall illuminated by pink lights. In the photo my friend is holding a fluorescent ball.
-Leo Zuckerman

iPhone 3GS - Hipstamatic

After a long day of rock climbing in Winslow, AZ. The sun was about to set and was casting an awesome light onto the hillside. The moment was to good to pass up. So I pulled out my iPhone 3Gs, booted up the Hipstamatic program and snapped the shot. I was pleased, an even better end to an already great day.
-K. Allen Peters

Evo 4G

Photo was taken with an Evo 4G, with the default camera app and default settings.

HTC Incredible

Taken with my HTC Incredible with a dvd lens from my husbands spare parts computer stuck to the outside to act as a macro lens. No editing was done to picture.
-Ashley Winder

Samsung Pixon

Samsung Pixon
12 Program
Mode ISO 50 Macro Focus
The picture was taken in 'Vintage Mode' with the exposure dialed down a few notches. I was standing outside, trying to find something that I could possibly use in this contest, when my daughter came outside wanting to blow bubbles. We had previously been out in the pool together and I had earlier hung our bathing suits outside to dry. As we were playing, a good sized bubble found its way into the the puddle that had been left behind on the railing, so I pulled out my phone, quickly toggled a few settings, and this was what I got!
-Joe Testman

HTC Evo with macro lens

Camera(phone): 8.0 MP, HTC EVO 4G (with a magnetically attached macro lens)
Software: None
Settings: Flash on
I recently got this $10 magnetically attachable macro lens from Dealextreme. I had very low expectations for it, but it transformed my phone. Luckily, during my first few tries with the lens, I saw a tiny spider web on my patio. In it had a very small spider with a freshly captured fruit fly in his grasp. Apparently this was not a rare feed.
-Rich Ohnnmeiss

I used a Jelly Lens - Polorizer Which I hope isn't considered cheating. I have a handful of the Jelly lenses and tried a few different ones, this was certainly the best of the bunch. This picture was taken just before dusk, it has a weird ethereal strangeness to it.

I did a little touch up with the Photoshop Mobile app on the exposure and to add saturation to fix the colours of the sunset and cropped the image to balance it out.
The story. My gf and I were in South Beach in Miami for a beautiful dinner. She is a photographer and we walked over to the park at the south beach inlet. She took her camera with her and as I was watching her shoot the evening away, I felt and wanted to capture her in her moment. Her pose may seem a bit unnatural because she is holding a camera up (she had no idea I was taking this photo).
-Mark Chervony

iPhone 3GS + Various Apps

Was riding on the F line, headed to Coney Island to check out the Cyclones game when suddenly, my friend Beth was drenched in sun beams. I put my shades on, pulled out my iPhone and snapped a pic. In reviewing it, I was surprised by the intense amount of lens flare and decided I really liked the photo. It's like the sun beams are radiating direction from the smiling faces on the TCI poster.
APP: Hipstimatic SETTING: John S lens and Ina's 1969 film
APP: Mill colour: Used this to tweak colour and pull out some detail
APP: PS Mobile: A little more tweaking in colour, exposure, contrast.
-Brian Durniak

iPhone 3GS with CameraBag

Camera: iPhone 3GS
App: CameraBag
Filter: CrossProcess
Location: Lake Ontario, Canada
Snapped a few shots while walking down the pier last night. There was some beautiful cloud formations and sun rays hitting the water. Played with the CameraBag app until I found the right feel to the photo.
-Andrew O'Hoski

Motorolas Droid

This was shot with a Motorola Droid on June 25th with no real adjustment to the camera settings. Taken in the evening at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Los Angeles, California at the Exposition Park. At the time me and couple friends wandered over to see Basement Jaxx performing and I wanted to share this image to my other friends and happen to get the shot as the lights hit directly at my phone.
-David Wu

Motorola Droid

I'm trying to capture the prettier side of roller coasters without the stigma of bright colours/clown show that a park PR or park visiter might take. The lack of a coaster train almost makes the ride seem as if its closed or forgotten.
-Robert Gasper

HTC Incredible

Nothing says summer like a sweaty pint glass, recently emptied of its 'gins and tonics' contents, and nothing says mobile phone photo like not having to leave the porch to fetch the old DSLR and macro lens. Shot, resized and emailed with an HTC Incredible, using PicSayPro and Gmail. The glass, of course, is a Rolling Rock novelty pint, and it had homemade quinine syrup, penguin seltzer and Tanqueray. Oh, and ice.
- Noah Montena

Palm Pre

I have an infamous Palm Pre, and since its camera isn't that good, I figured I might have to shoot something a bit more abstract; without photoshop, normal pictures taken with my phone would definitely look bad. So I took some close-up pictures of the glass elements of an old Nikon lens, then I used the 'Photo Effects' app to invert the colour, and I added a (very original) sepia effect. Used Photoshop to resize to 800px.
-Stéphane Lam

iPhone 3GS with CrossProcess

-Photo taken with: iPhone 3GS
-Edited with: 'CrossProcess' iPhone app
I need a new car and want a Mini Cooper. My wife has pretty much vetoed my wish for a Mini Cooper (she feels it's not a 'family' car and would make things like grocery shopping with our two kids a bit cramped...sigh). Alas, I happened to be driving down the road and spotted this junker for sale. I took the shot and sent it to her with a note saying, 'If I can't get my Mini Cooper, you'll end up driving a car that looks like this...and just think, this is only a small piece of what the whole thing looks like.')

iPhone 4

This shot was taken with my new iphone 4 using the backside camera and the led flash. I like the abstract quality of the shot. Basically it was a mostly empty glass of milk and I just (probably unwisely) rested the phone on top of the glass and took a couple of pictures with the flash on. After that I imported the photo I liked into the camera+ app on the iphone and added a vignette and changed the colouring a bit to make it look slightly more abstract and alien-esque. It still amazes me the high quality/resolution photos this new phone takes.

No subversion of the medium is going on here, this is just a photo. But what I love about this photo is the story of time. The rain-dimpled sand tells of a rainstorm, heavy enough to flood the ground and coat the lower portion of the orange with sand, but continuing softly to leave its mark after the flood. The orange has not not been off the tree long - unlike the one that decays behind it - and yet it has experienced much on the ground. Perhaps it was this storm that took it from the tree in the first place. And now, it rests on the sand, awaiting some small creature and even smaller bacteria to devour it.
- Joshua Lund

Acer Neotouch S200

No apps or post pro used
Since my phone does not have a great camera (read terrible), i decided to make use of it's crappiness.
I put the anti-shake on and took a few shots from the balcony of my place at night, doing a little light painting with the street/other lights dotted around the burb.
-Nathan Cunningham

HTC G1 + Various Apps

Taken with a G1
FX camera app
Tiny camera mode
green cross processing emulation
This was taken on a walk with my daughter during my favourite time of night which i rarely get to see because of my work schedule. I snapped about 30 images and it took me 2 hours to pick one. Im a sucker for a good silhuoette.
-luis fregoso

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS

This image was shot with my iPhone 3GS at the Red River Ex in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The Ex comes around once a year, and people from all over the province flood into the city to take part. There's all sorts of rides, but I don't remember this one (Cliff Hanger) being there before. I took this shot while my friend and I were waiting in line. It was shot around dusk with the standard camera app, processed with Cross Process, taken into the Mill's Colour app for final colour tweaking, and cropped to 16X9 with my upcoming iPhone photo cropping app, CineCrop.
-Kert Gartner

iPhone 3GS + Telescope + Camera+

For this photo I used the app Camera+ to shoot, with the Stabilizer function activated. I positioned the iPhone on a telescope lens, and took the picture. After I used PSMobile just for exposure, saturation, contrast ajustments etc...
-Rafael Valério

Motorola Droid

iPhone 4

Shot using the iPhone4. I went out just walking around and started to take photos. I came back home and noticed the article for the contest. Went through all my photos and picked out the one I enjoyed the most. I was just shooting and having fun. Not really shooting for any kind of style.
-Bryan Gosline

Picture taken on a night with some friends of my brother, iPhone 3G S and edited with Photoshop app for iPhone
-Lawrence Vandeputte

This photo was taken of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter from Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Florida. The phone is a Samsung Mythic with 3.2mp camera. Besides adjusting the white balance, the photo was taken with all default settings.
-Walter Horvath

I was walking around the town of Chester and saw a professional photographer taking Macro shots, I then asked him how he does it. He told me all his tricks and lenses and how does it. So I downloaded tiltshiftgenerator and took one shot, I wanted to focus through the clock tower, and I think it looks good.
-Paul Harrison

iPhone 3GS
Photoshop App
I took this at the local bakery. the watermelon bread flooded my mind of past summers at my grandparents eating slice after slice of watermelon on the patio.
-Eddie Cuellar

Shot with iPhone 3g camera, 2Mp using Hipstamatic. First shot is shot of my beautiful girlfriend looking out the window while talking about the stresses of getting into a good college. The second is a cloud formation.
-Logan Stewart

I took this photograph on a rainy Thursday evening while my car idled at the red light and train tracks in Depot Town, a historic district of Ypsilanti, Michigan.
The photograph was taken with an iPhone 3G just before the light turned green. The mobile app 'Best Cam by Chase Jarvis' allowed me to apply the 'Jewel' filter, which brightened up the colours.
-Diana Madrigal

mobile phone: IPhone 3GS
Apps Used: None
Technique: Less than None
Story: On Father's Day, I grabbed a lawn chair and decided to sit underneath a tree to get out of the Sun. As I was about to drift off, my friend told me that I really needed to get out of my chair right now and slowly walk towards him. I opened up my eyes, and this snake was sitting about 2 feet from my head. I quickly grabbed my phone and took a picture of it. I then called my wife over to take a look at the picture on my phone, who in turn pulled an Indiana Jones in the plane with the snake moment and near fainted.
-Cary Miler

Equipment used: iPhone 3GS with exposure set on the under lit table.
I took this picture at the bar today (budakhan philadelphia, see geo tag info) and fell instantly in love with it. reminds me of good times and my favourite drink (dirty martini). Also, it makes great wallpaper - tested on iOS4 with 3GS and 4.0 iPhones.
The optimal effect would have been to overlay two pics: one with expose set on the table and another one set on the olives.
-Koe Black

Here are 2 photo's I took Monday of my son. Equipment was an Iphone 3G.
The picture with my son Ethan and the frog was his first encounter with a frog. He is now scared of frogs.
The second picture was just my son playing in the grass, I decided to pretend I was using my DSLR and got a low angle shot to make him look like a giant. (sorry, my stories are not the best)
-Rick Cowman

This is a picture of the Portage Lake Lift Bridge that spans the canal that divides Houghton and Hancock Michigan. The picture was taking with a Motorola Droid, Stock Froyo Camera App, Focus Set to Infinity, Exposure set to +2, No Flash, White Balance set to Auto. The phone was rested on a fence post for stability. The image was resized in Paint.net
-Chad Walber

mobile phone: Iphone 2G (Oldest -4GB version).
Zoom: None.
Lens: 2MP
This photo i took at Parsippany Lake, NJ.
Beautiful evening i went to Lake for a walk with my wife, i saw rays try to see through big cloud.
I suddenly said 'Rays of Hope' and felt like taking photograph, this view made my day. Very refreshing indeed!
-Swapnil Parmar

So here's my photo for the contest. I was walking in Paris last may and it happened to be the cherry blossoms period. So I took a picture of it on my old iPhone 2G ! I didn't edit the photo it's just natural !
-Jordan Downey

Droid incredible Stock Camera app. This was taken in my backyard. It is a pretty beautiful picture in my opinion!
-Nick Oberly

I took this photo walking in manhattan after I had dropped off my mum at her work, nothing special here really just fired up my trusty ol' camera app on my iPhone and went to work.
-Serge Stambolyan

I took this photo with a myTouch3g standard camera application. I set whitebalance to incandescent and colour mode to solarize. I then used Photoshop Mobile to tweak the contrast and rotation. I had to use Paint.NET to size it down to 800px.
I laid the camera horizontally in front of my keyboard. Nothing special in the technique.
-Phil Selmer

Our family was visiting the Oregon coast on Monday and when I saw my son Declan playing in black goo I snapped a photo because the sand near Seaside is blackish/brownish when wet. I guess I have had the Gulf oil spill on my mind all too much lately for a Northwesterner where the beaches are clean and cold.
I used lo mob and photogene iphone apps on a 3GS.
-TJ Mullinax

I used a Droid Incredible running Retro Camera, no particular technique or non-default settings. This is a picture of the county courthouse in downtown Prescott, AZ. rumour has it that it was the inspiration for the clock tower in Back to the Future but I'm sure a lot of small towns say that about their courthouses.
-Robert Robinson

Hawaii. First Baby. 7mo old. Day 3. Lugging around toys, cribs, bottles, etc. for days. Shlepping back to room. Brought iPhone 3g and took this shot of me. Shaky hand movement of the camera visualized how I was feeling.
-Dan Green

I took this picture recently when my family and I decided to (finally) go to the top of the Empire State Building. It was a beautiful sunny day and after admiring at the amazing view of the skyline, I happened to turn around and I was struck by the way the sun was shining on an American flag. I thought it was really cool to capture our nation's flag at the top of one of the most iconic buildings in America.
This photo was taken using the native camera app on an iPhone 3G and has not been altered in any way. Also - I'm no photographer...I'm actually an account guy at an ad agency.
-Tom Padula

Image taken with my HTC Touch Pro 2 (3MP) using the default camera settings. Removed the battery cover so that the picture wouldn't be too grainy. We were camping at Sawyer Lake in upper Michigan and I woke up use the bathroom around 5:00 AM and I was just so astounded as to how beautiful the water was that I had snap a picture. Little did I know this contest would be announced a few days after I took the image!
-Nate Chaltry

I shot this on the coast of Duck, North Carolina with an LG Env2, or VX9100(I think). There was a wicked storm coming in, and the sky had gotten dark extremely quickly, which contrasted with the sand. I snapped a pic with the sand castle in the foreground and the ocean and sky in the background.
-John Brady

I was facing the bar behind which was a window which abutted a booth and table. I used the Bold's digital zoom to get in as close as possible and took about 3 shots. My submission is the best of the 3 and needed only to be cropped slightly.
The game got rowdy and, as expected, the boy was taunting everyone the whole time.
-Andrew Paolino

I took this picture today in NY city using my blackberry 9700 default settings. Enjoy!

Decided to have a beer with lunch. I noticed the sunlight lighting up the beer so I snapped this. If I could add sound to the photo it would be the sound of the monolith.
iPhone 3GS
Phone was upside down to get the lens closest to the bottom.
Just the normal camera app.
-Joe North

I've taken this photo leaving school tonight. I was studying the whole day for my exams, in the new library of the EPFL, the Learning centre. By leaving the Learning centre after a tough day, I enjoyed the the sunset, walked a bit further a I thought 'No way, I've to take a picture of this'. (As you may not know, the weather was horrible these two last weeks in Switzerland. Today was the first day we could go outside without a jacket :D ). I went back, aligned to have a nice reflexion of sunset in the Learning centre windows and shot
-Donovan Koch

This photo was taken early Monday morning at 12:52am (the day of the
solstice) on a flight from Seattle to Anchorage with my iPhone 3G
using the regular camera app. I pushed the phone up against the class
to avoid the glare. Per the rules of the contest, the photo is
completely unedited.
-Isaac Chambers

I was walking through my college campus in the morning and snapped that picture with my iPhone 3GS, after that i used the Photoshop App in my phone to add some effects
-Edgar Amaro

iPhone 3Gs I used the G60 app In the app I used the warming feature. I was at work when I suddenly heard a huge cracking thunder. I went outside and the skys were blackening. I pulled out my phone and snapped this picture.
-Eric Cotter

Taken with my Motorola Droid. Hanging around ASU today, I took the trackball out of a Logitech mouse and threw it on top of my composition book. I shot it with my Camera 360 app with the 'Lomo Cinematic Effect'. Afterward I took it into PicSay Pro and used the Cross Processing effect and a red filter.
-James Murray

Phone: IPhone 3GS
Editing tool: Supercamera app; I used the LOMO filter.
I snapped this shot of a lighthouse while on Santorini, Greece just last week. It's a pretty sweet shot if I do say so myself.
-Carter Krafft

iPhone 3GS, TrueHDR app. Taken at 8:59pm.
Just left Kobe Japanese Steakhouse in Nashville, Tennessee and picked up a 'good luck' origami bird at the door. Probably no more than one inch long.
-Chase Beydler

'Early Morning Rise'
Taken with a Samsung mobile phone at 6:00 in the morning on an Atlanta construction site.
-Elias Gause

Went for a hike in Thousand Oaks California and noticed a few poppies (state flower) in bloom. I traveled light and left my DSLR at home on this particular day as there is rarely anything worth photographing on this trail. I didn't want to miss the opportunity so I picked up a dead poppy held it up with my fingers and snapped the photo. I used Photoshop Mobile to add contrast and voila. This is one of the better iphone pics I have taken.
-isaac montealegre

After a long day of rock climbing in Winslow, AZ. The sun was about to set and was casting an awesome light onto the hillside. The moment was to good to pass up. So I pulled out my iPhone 3Gs, booted up the Hipstamatic program and snapped the shot. I was pleased, an even better end to an already great day.
-K. Allen Peters

This picture was taken at the Millennium Park in Chicago. It's a picture of my friend, Vermon Ibarra's reflection off of the Bean shaped sculpture. The inspiration for this shot was the sculpture itself. It's very interesting to look at so my challenge was to see if I could make it look even more interesting.
I took the picture with my Iphone 3GS and I edited it with the photoshop app. I recently learned about composition so that was the technique that I used for this shot. Yeah I know, I'm still a beginner.
-Kao Saeteurn

Not the prettiest shot I have achieved with an iPhone, but one of my favourites! This was taken late one night after a heavy session on New York's Stone Street. Given how plastered I was I am quite pleased I managed to keep my hand steady!
Camera: iPhone
Editing: None
Technique: Hold iPhone steady after drinking a skin full and hope for the best
-Will Hogg

Phone: iPhone 2G
App: Tilt Shift
Cats are the preferred pet around these parts and among my friends in Chicago.
This is NannerPuss. She loves bags and this was how I first met her. So curious,
yet so scared. She's a goof.
-Antoin Huynh

This picture was taken in Chicago, around Clark and Kinzie. My friend and I stopped to relax after walking around a bit. We complained about the sun while I messed around with my phone. Right then, a cloud rolled up and gave us some shade. It was still bright, so I couldn't look directly at it. Instead, I took this picture. Turns out it looked pretty nice!
-Eric Fornelius

This is one of those great photos, you cant tell its a camera phone photo, and everyone wants to guess what the photo is. Im just worried i renamed it wrong lol. Edited in Photoshop CS5, Removed object in upper right corner using Content Aware delete (no additional cleanup), Up-sampled to 32bit colour, light HDR filters, little vibrancy adjustment, Re-sized down to 600 x 800 from 1536 x 2048, down-sampled back to 8bit and saved.
-Demetre Janness

This was taken a little after 5pm today in the Boston Public Garden, with my iPhone 3G S. It is just a raw pic. I did not use any tricky App or settings. Just point and shoot. Well, obviously I tapped on the large flower to focus on it. But that is it. I walk through the Boston Public Garden on my way home from work almost everyday. I don't have much time, but sometimes I will stop real quick to snap a pic.
-David Baker

I took this image using a RAZR 2 V9 with no apps used. All I did was look up and take the picture. I was with my family downtown picking up my Dad from work and thought that this would be a cool shot. If your at all curious the picture was taken in downtown Calgary ,Alberta ,Canada. I'm also not exactly sure what you ment by 800px so this is the full image.
-Denin Lawley

I used an iPhone 3GS and I am on vacation at Myrtle Beach and I just thought it was a good looking sight so I pulled out my camera, I used auto focus on the pole because before that it was a little blurry. The only edit I did was using a free app called AutoAdjust to slightly increase saturation. Myrtle Beach is amazing by the way! No oil infested beach's.
-Gil Osborne

Taken last year when goin out in the town in Austin for my birthday. There are several guitars like this one at different points around town. My good friend Chris took it upon himself to pose. iPhone 3g was used to take the photo. No in phone editing done.
-Jason Thomas

This is a clipart image of 'Jesus' I printed out and coloured in years ago. The image was captured a couple days ago.

The reason I took a picture of the Clipart Messiah is I had planned on giving the original to a friend and always wanted to remember what it looked like. My friend I hadn't seen for a few years was in town and I wanted to give him this immaculate image. I think subconsciously I got the inspiration to colour the image from this same friend who wanted to name his band Neon Jesus. It is probably the most awesome art I've ever seen. Surely after bearing witness you will agree.
-Stephen Martin

I took this photo of our awesome cookie jar using the Vignette app for Android on my HTC Evo 4G. Leaving the flash on really made the jar stand out, and I used Vignette's vignette effect and the 'Instant Square' frame to try and give the feel of the old Polaroids that I played with in elementary school (and probably used to take pictures of this jar along with everything else that I thought was awesome back then).
-David Schlaefer

Taken during my 1 month military training course at Mai Linh, Hanoi. I was lying on the shooting range while taking this photo. No photo edit was made except for image cropping.
-Son Do

This shot of my beloved cat, Cho, was taken with an iPhone 3GS. The only lighting in the room was from the lamp he was standing under. It was edited in my Photoshop.com app, where I made the change to B&W and raised the contrast and exposure.
He is standing on my nightstand, and eagerly awaits for me to get out of bed. He is a Siamese Tabby mix, and loves everyone he meets. He plays fetch, and loves to sleep.
-Brandan Baird

mobile phone: iPhone 3G
Apps used: CameraBag
Technique: Taken through a glass of wine.
Story: Lady + Music + Wine = Blissful evening
-rohit dubey

mobile phone: iPhone 3G
App used: camerabag
Story: This is a pre bday celebration. Barbie style was the theme. A simulated vintage era style picture was taken by my iphone using camerabag infront of the party event. The reflection of the old car on the glass adds to the touch of the retro.
-Sornum Kabilen Kadirvelen

This picture was taken using my iPhone 3GS and the app Hipstamatic after realising the amount of blood in the sink during my nosebleed would make a great picture. Probably one of my favourite pictures I've taken with a cell phone.
-Eric Hines

mobile phone: iPhone 3G
Apps used: TiltShift
Story: Lolita Style with a retro touch simulating a Starbucks vintage print ad.
-Baljinder Kaur

This was taken with my iPhone 3G and edited with 'Photoshop.com Mobile' on the phone.
While navigating the catacomb-like floors of the 'parking garage' attached to my office building, I stumbled upon this door. I had seen too many movies featuring doors such as these, so I promptly continued on my way.
-Jeremy Jenkins

mobile phone: Nokia5320
Story: Being attracted to a look-alike Mannequin my bebedou was very eager to kiss her. He couldn't find her head though. This picture was captured on my Nokia 5320 Xpress music phone, at a mall where we went shopping today.
-Archana Indran

I took this picture on Monday in my AP United States History class. Yep, I'm in the eleventh grade. Since it was a Monday and had nothing else better to do (learn?! funny) I took out my phone, an HTC Touch Viva T2223, and started taking a few random pictures. I just laid my phone on it's side and snapped this picture. This was among the better shots, one of which was a picture of my teacher teaching the class with a bag over his hair, but that story is for another time.
-Shafiq Abdallah

This photo was taken with the standard camera app on an iPhone 3G, and the only processing done was resizing it with Gimp. The flowers are part of some landscaping at the 18th tee box at Sun Willows golf course in Pasco, WA. This was during probably one of my worst games golfing ever, so instead of throwing my clubs around I decided to at least try and enjoy the scenery.
-Ryan McKinlay

It's a foggy night ~4am on lunch break. The street lamp is backlighting the fog and tree. Taken with an iPhone 3GS
-Thomas J. Rogers

I took this photo with my LG glance. The camera is only 1.3mp, so I didn't have much to work with.
My favourite thing about summer is going to the beach at night and having a huge bonfire.
This fire was made by putting a folding table on the fire and then laying planks on top of it.
While I was sitting around enjoying a fire taller than me, I thought that the fire looked peculiar.
I think it looks like a man is standing in the fire.
-Ariel Frame

Was shopping for plants at our local evil wholesale conglomorate, when I saw the biggest and most beautiful butterfly I've ever seen. Its body was easily the size of my thumb.
-Chris Haskell

Hans Ning On the go
-Hans Ning

This pic was taken one day on the way out to my parents house. They live in the middle of nowhere in Iowa. My wife thought I was crazy when I pulled over on the side of the highway and walked out in the middle of the road with my iPhone 3G to snap this pic. I think it turned out very well.

I shot this picture with my C905 on no flash mode about a year ago on a round of what we called 'Psychedelic Golf'. After playing a surprisingly good game for that state of being our golf cart ran out of battery. As we pushed it back over the train tracks I told them to stop because I felt the need to take a picture of what was happening, as I looked out at the cart I was surprised by the sun deciding to part take in the moment pose with them.
-Cris Balmaceda

Picture was taken with a Nokia N95-3. colour mode was black & white and just normal automatic mode.
The story is simple that I was just goofing off at work. It was a crazy day and ended up working late. After loading up with coffee, I was spinning around in my chair and took this picture.
-Nate Jamison

Nexus one, pic say edited. Old shimano 8 speed road bike chain sitting in a Mason jar waiting for cleaning. Idk why I found it an interesting object to shoot. I guess perhaps because it's helped me travel so far. I'm an avid cyclist.
-Vincent Newman

So, I took this pic with my nokia 6131, using the photo app that comes with it. there was a night mode option to brighten the photo, but I didn't use it.
'I took this photo on a night ride with my uncle, while he stopped at an ATM to make a withdrawl. I stayed in the car waiting and noticed that the light of a pole that went through the glass of the vehicle was causing an interesting effect on my cordon.When I switched on the camera, I noticed that the yellow light from the pole had left my skin with a hue close to the cordon and interesting shadows had appeared on my face.'
-matthaus rabelo da costa

mobile phone: HTC Hero (CDMA, Sprint), It has a 5 mega-pixel camera with auto focus
Apps Used: Camera 360 Free, Photoshop.com Mobile
Story: This is my first challenge. I searched 'camera' in the marketplace and download about 10 apps. I ended up trying Camera 360 first and liked it. The picture is of a radio tower at a local police station. I used Photoshop.com mobile to play with contrast, colours, and add the blur.
-Adam Bean

Taken with the iphone 2g about 2 weeks ago when I was home in Liverpool England at burbo bank. Edited using a touch of colour.
-Mark Alger

This picture was shot using a MyTouch 3G Slide with the stock camera app. I reduced the contrast and sharpness a bit to give it a more even flow, and increased the saturation so you can see the yellows in the sky better.
This photo was taken in Chicago from along the Chicago River banks (31 stories above them actually from my condo balcony) right after the major thunderstorm that hit Wednesday night. The storm cleared out right as the sun was setting and made for a beautiful yellow and red hue across a partially cloudy skyline.
-Matt Hessler

The shot is taken with my iPhone 3GS and the app I use is Chase Jarvis' Best Camera and to be very technical all I did was warm it and put a vignette on it. I'm actually shooting into the sun which normally doesn't work out so well with the camera, but the clouds helped to block the blow out. I've been doing an 'i365' with the app and phone since January, and have found it's one of the best things I could pick up.
-Robert Chestnut

Equiptment: HTC Droid Incredible
After-effects: None
Story: My 8-month old nephew, Oliver, was in town visiting us in Atlanta along with his parents so we thought we'd take them all to the Atlanta Aquarium.
-Craig Villari

I took this on my way to work using my 3GS. I did some slight editing using the Photoshop app. Enjoy.
-Torvic Vardamis

I use a SideKick LX 09 which has a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto-focus and LED flash (which is horrible and i never use it). the photos it captures are actually very very decent during the daylight. some may look washed out, but over-all very clear for what my purposes are. capturing moments to later share with my friends. I am an fine art student, so I do know good composition, therefore I believe that skill, in itself, can make ANY camera the best camera.
-Jeff Reyes Javier

Nokia E63
Original photo, no changes.
My son playing in the sunset.
-gerardo madeira

This is not a wide shot so I don't know if you can use it. This was the line for Butter Beer at the second day of opening weekend at the wizarding World of Harry Potter. Like standing in line 3 hours to do the Forbidden Adventure ride was not bad enough. The good news was that all the other rides at Universal Islands of Adventure had no more than a 20 munite wait.
-Bob Carlson

mobile phone: HTC Incredible (ADR6300)
Resolution: 8mp - 5:3 (3264x1952)
Lens: Built in.
Flash: Off.
Exposure: Automatic.
Focus: Automatic.
Subject: After what felt like about 100 attempts to get my cat to sit still, I managed to get a clear shot where he was hamming it up and the mobile phone camera was cooperating. I wrestled with focus problems, slow exposures causing blur, and of course the temperamental nature of my model just to eek out a photo I was really happy with.
-Dave Stephens

Shot with my HTC hero using the toy camera filter from the Fxcamera app set at 5 mp. The kid is my girlfriend's son. I took him to the local pond to feed the swans.

I work in construction management and ended up being the last one to leave the job-site out here at UCLA last night. Thus, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to take a cool shot of the big drill rig we've got out here installing shoring soldier beams. This photo is the 3rd of 5 photos I took with my Nexus One (Froyo 2.2) stock camera app. It was tricky to get the right exposure on the foreground with the sun being where it was - I toyed around with the exposure control and location of the sun in the pictures. Once satisfied, I uploaded the picture, re-sized per your requirements, and here we are.
- Omar Zuberi

View from my internship office building overlooking the Singapore River and pub place Boat Quay
Took picture through glass window, was cloudy and slightly overcast
Photo quality not so good due to camera plus processing, though noise might have helped (not sure) give it some of that elusive 'character'
Used iPhone 3G (need to upgrade soon)
Apps used
- TiltShiftGen to create the tilt-shift effect and to increase saturation and contrast by a bit
- PhotoForge for curves adjustment and cropping
-Karl Villanueva

While at a family reunion in Moose Jaw we saw this used liquor store bag attached to a string and hanging in a gazebo. We declared it a 'Canadian Pinata' and called it a day. Unfortunately it was not filled with poutine, making it a clever fake. I am amazed my old iPhone 2G can till manage a good picture once in a while. No editing was done except for the resizing.
-Damon Widynowski

The mobile phone is a N95 8G. I used the camera with: Auto flash, tone colour: vivid; White Balance: sunny day;
Exposure Compensation: +0.5; Sharpness: Soft, Contrast +2; ISO: High.
I grabbed an apple to eat. After I saw what looked like a bite of the apple logo, remembered the Challenge Photo of Gizmodo
and decided to shoot. I did not use filters or special light, clicked like a normal photo of Di-to-day. After seeing the picture on
the computer screen I decided to edit.
I used the editor that normally comes on Symbian OS. Slightly increase the contrast and light, and resized to 800x600.
Igor S. Couto

At this day the sky was clouded with the nightfall making this effect, so i picked up my Iphone 3gs and i took this picture
-Rodrigo Camargo

I raise insects for work and this is a picture of the house fly pupae
during cleaning process. I took this picture with my iPhone.
-Melissa Doyle

Iphone 3GS, HDR Pro app, full desaturation on the slider, half contrast, half brightness.
I was walking down Olympic Blvd in West LA and saw the clouds, they looked pretty epic so I figured, I'm not in a hurry, I'll snap a couple pictures. I opened up the HDR Pro app, and took the brightest exposure on the sky, then tapped the trees for the darker exposure. Apparently my human tripod skills aren't the best and the two images wheren't in the same position. What happened was a lucky mistake in the ghosting effect of just the trees. I wish i could say it was on purpose, but hey, sometimes the mistakes are what create the best art.
-Adam McFarlane

No filters, no shading or colouring , just Hi Res (5MP) with 'Super Fine' quality and a crazy sky. I chose this one in particular because of the motion blur, simply cause…..well, I thought it looked cool. The storm was a doosey, flooding parts of downtown and causing tornado sirens to go off, but the cinematic shots of the skyline, sunset, even the storm itself were totally worth it!
-Tony Licavoli

Camera: iPhone 2G (first generation)
Post: Photoshop mobile (on phone, following rules. Less sat, more contrast, soft edges.)
I was in Vegas for a few days this week. After grabbing a quick lunch I checked the shooting challenge on my phone, and then wandered out into the hall at the Mandalay Bay shops and looked up and saw this skylight, so I snapped this picture with my iPhone. Took me a few tries to get the framing just right, and then I did the post work on the phone while sitting in the casino.
-Benjamin Bunch

My friends and I hiked Mount Katahdin in the middle of the night to see the sunrise. I forgot my real camera at home, so I had to use my iPhone 2g. Turns out it churned out some pretty sweet looks.
-Nick Starno

Shot on my 3G in Bushwick, Brooklyn while I was getting my bike fixed up. Used film lab and Photoshop mobile.
- Rob Cerrato

Camera: iPhone 3GS Apps Used: Fototimer, Photogene and Photoshop (For iPhone) I had a bag of m&m's on my desk that i had gotten from a friend's birthday party, but I had a stomach ache so I didn't feel bad using them for this shot. First I built a contraption that suspended my phone above my piano then poured the m&m's out of their large ziploc onto it, turned on a very bright piano lamp and snapped this shot. Then devoured the m&m's anyway.
-Ryan Betancourt

Exposure Mode: Auto exposure
Exposure Program: Normal program
Exposure Time: 1 / 632
Flash: No flash function
FlashPix Version: 1.0
FNumber: 2.8
Focal Length: 3.85
ISO Speed Ratings: 64Taken with my iPhone 3GS -I took this picture of a train as it rolled into the station. I used the twisty-cam method to produce the warped effect of a barreling metal train turning to a liquid monster as it approaches the viewer.
-Mark Sansone

I had just gotten my iPhone 4 when I stumbled across this alley that was awesome looking, but would not expose correctly, so I decided to try doing HDR in my phone. I used an iPhone 4 and exposed the dark and the light areas then blended in HDR Pro and cropped and straightened in Photoshop.com Mobile.
-Josh Kundert-Gibbs

HTC Evo 4g
Taken with stock camera app, then edited in Photoshop.com mobile app
I applied vibrant colours to the photo in Photoshop.com
Resized to 800px in GIMP
This statue is in an area of The Colony/Plano (north Texas), and is one of the last bits of ranchland in an otherwise vibrant flurry of suburb shopping centres and Manhattan-esque residential areas. I drive by it on my way to work everyday, but it's also located at an intersection that does not have an area to park at for a mile in either direction.
- Isaiah Cisneros

Taken with my HTC Evo 4G, straight from the camera.
The subject is a formation in the Garden of the Gods park, Colorado Springs, CO. I was on a bike ride and remembered the challenge ...
-Troy Folger

Rubbing my eyes I gazed out the window to find some particularly beautiful clouds peering back at me. So I snapped a shot, and upon looking at the resulting (attached) picture, and found my mind trying to turn itself inside-out! After landing and some quick research, I found that this was a phenomenon caused by the iPhone's 'rolling shutter' - something I was not aware of previously.
-Andrew Murphy

The Nexus-like ceiling fan in my study - adore it. :) Taken simply with the an Crystal GD900 at automatic settings, no apps or adjustments.
-Sandra Nguy

Taken with an iPhone 4, edited with the Plastic Bullet & PS Mobile.
On a road trip this weekend I ended up walking around Downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The weather was alternating between violent and beautiful, and the clouds decided to line up unbelievably for this shot. Plastic Bullet graded the photo perfectly, and PS Mobile corrected the orientation after Plastic Bullet turned the photo sideways (unfortunate bug, or artistic statement?).
-Charlie Dwyer

Taken with: IPhone 4
This shot was tkaen Friday morning the day after my pruchase of my new IPhone 4. When I looked out the window I noticed the flag, flowers and the morning sunlight provided great contrast with one another. I took the picture through the screen on the window to provide and element of texture to the photo that would not normally be present.
-Shaun Kerr

I used my boyfriend's iPhone to take this photo of him DJing at The Red Door in New Hampshire. The lighting was very poor but it created a dramatic, high-contrast image that also appears to have a paint filter applied to it.
-Emily Simons

I used my iPhone 3GS to shoot this picture. I was driving out looking for pictures to take of the clouds and I saw this as I was driving down. I took out my iPhone 3GS and snapped a few shots. I used Camera+ app to add the 'so emo' effect to it which gave it a really dramatic look.
-Zain Husain

The photos were taken with my new iPhone 4. I was on my way home from dinner with my significant other after a massive storm went through and the aftermath was a beautiful sunset. I had the flash off and that was it.
-Alan Fejes

Shot at Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 on Saturday night. Lots of love and music in the air. Can't wait until next year! Shot with my iPhone 4, exposure and contrast handled in Photoshop mobile.

iPhone 3GS
Used Photoshop for iPhone to add the border
Photo was taken at a bar in NYC with a ton of toys in the window.
-Kevin Geruldsen

Andorid 1.6, default camera software. 'Bar in the mission' Hey I'm drunk in a bar in the mission. Its dark and I bet I can take me some photographs! Thats what was going though my head.
-Nolan Ehrstrom

iphone 2G + ToyCamera
This was shot in a super sunny afternoon(April 23, 2009), i biked to the riverside park in Taipei and played basketball there.
-shawn lin

I took this photo with my good old iPhone 3G, and then used the app Camera Bag for the 'magazine' look. Both me and my girlfriend Annie were too scared to go on this ride, so I took this photo while they were queuing. Due to the slowness of the iPhone 3G camera, timing the ride was tough, and this was the 4th take.
-Christopher CF Chow

HTC Droid Eris
Default Camera app
A couple of my boys were enjoying a hot afternoon on the slip 'n slide, so I decided to try to get a great action shot in the splash pool area. I put myself (and the phone/camera) in harm's way at grass level to get the best shot. The shot was made when the youngest ended up on his back.
-Jason Brookins

Was riding on the F line, headed to Coney Island to check out the Cyclones game when suddenly, my friend Beth was drenched in sun beams. I put my shades on, pulled out my iPhone and snapped a pic. In reviewing it, I was surprised by the intense amount of lens flare and decided I really liked the photo. It's like the sun beams are radiating direction from the smiling faces on the TCI poster.
APP: Hipstimatic SETTING: John S lens and Ina's 1969 film
APP: Mill colour: Used this to tweak colour and pull out some detail
APP: PS Mobile: A little more tweaking in colour, exposure, contrast.
-Brian Durniak

This is a candid picture of my girlfriend taken during breakfast with an iPhone with some Best Camera effects thrown in.. If she knew I was sending this in she would kill me!
-Zack Finer

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