Cell Phone Cheating Ring Exposed At New York's Top High School

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Photo: stuy.edu

A student at New York’s Stuyvesant High School. the top public school in the city, was expelled after a principal caught him allegedly cheating on an exam, The New York Post reported. While taking a Regents exam last week, junior Nayeem Ahsan allegedly shared pictures of the exam with other students.

Ahsan’s phone led to about 50 more students who were participating in cheating on the exam, education reporter Yoav Gonen said.

Students have rebelled against the administration by petitioning for Ahsan’s return. So far, they’ve collected about 250 signatures.

The school has taken some extreme measures to keep kids from cheating:

In 2008, Teitel unsuccessfully petitioned the Education Department to allow him to temporarily install metal detectors during finals and Regents week to catch kids sneaking in mobile phones to cheat.

The following year, Stuyvesant used hand-held electronics-sensing wands to scan students prior to Advanced Placement testing.

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