These 10 Celebs Give Paparazzi The Biggest Paydays

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Last week, after seven years and six children together, Brad Pitt finally put a giant rock on Angelina Jolie‘s finger.

And while many are wondering what Jolie’s dress will look like or where the nuptials will take place, The Daily went in the paparazzi trenches to find out just how much the Hollywood golden couple’s coveted wedding photos will fetch.

But that’s not all our friends at The Daily unearthed—they also discovered the 10 most popular celebrities (right now) who go for the prettiest penny.

From Jessica Simpson‘s unborn daughter and newborn Blue Ivy Carter to the highly anticipated celebrity weddings of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake and Brangelina, check out the top-earning mugs in Hollywood.

$60,000: Charlize Theron's Newly Adopted Son, Jackson

$100,000: Demi Moore Post-Rehab

$110,000: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

$200,000: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

While Navarre calls Timberbiel's upcoming nuptials 'the wedding of the summer,' he says Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler's impending wedding won't create quite as much buzz.

'They'll whore everything out to the highest bidder, but the magazines can get them relatively cheap--$100,000,

$250,000: Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton looking fit in Mustique or the Caribbean or Spain … that's gonna sell worldwide,

$500,000: Jessica Simpson's Unborn Daughter

$500,000: Blue Ivy Carter

After a million dollar birth, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's newborn, Blue Ivy Carter, is a hot target for photogs.

But Marc Jacobs-clad baby feet dangling out of a mummy pouch don't count--'It has to be her face, and it has to be cute,

$2 Million Plus: The Brangelina Wedding

The Daily's Paparazzi Hall of Fame:

Big Names Who Don't Fetch Big Dollars

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