27 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

Katy Perry YearbookKaty Perry moved to Nashville at 15 to work for a record label and had left for L.A. by the time she was 17.

Photo: YouTube

As back-to-school approaches, we decided to explore what some megastars look like in their yearbook photos. Stars, they’re just like us. 

The photos we found on YouTube are full of bad haircuts and goofy smiles. Lady Gaga looks relatively normal, while diva Jennifer Lopez sports a pixie cut. 

Megan Fox looks gorgeous, Owen Wilson is ridiculously polished, and Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan look very innocent. 

The future celebrities’ star power and beauty still shine through in many of the photos. 

Cameron Diaz was already beautiful as a high school student in Long Beach, California.

Christina Aguilera grew up in Rochester, Pennsylvania and looks adorable in her photo.

Eva Longoria hasn't aged at all since she was a high school student in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas has maintained a similar hairstyle since she was a high school student at Hacienda Heights in California.

Gwyneth Paltrow went to high school in Santa Monica and later said she learned everything she needed to know about acting before graduation.

Jack Black excelled in drama at his high school in Santa Monica.

Selena Gomez began acting as a child and was home-schooled by high school.

Jennifer Hudson was a shy high school student in Chicago and sang in the church choir.

Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx and had already started acting by her senior year of high school.

Jessica Simpson dropped out of her Texas high school to become a singer, but later earned her GED.

John Mayer performed in a blues band when he was in high school in Connecticut.

Katie Holmes was a straight-A student at her high school in Toledo, Ohio, and also starred in musicals.

Katy Perry moved to Nashville at 15 to work for a record label and had left for L.A. by the time she was 17.

Kristen Stewart switched to homeschooling in middle school because of her busy schedule as an actress.

Lady Gaga dominated the music program at her expensive New York City high school.

Even though she was already a famous actress, Lindsay Lohan attended high school in New York and excelled at maths.

Madonna was a straight-A student and a cheerleader at her high school in Michigan.

Megan Fox said she was bullied in high school and was reduced to eating lunch in the bathroom because students threw ketchup at her.

Owen Wilson grew up in Dallas and went to military school.

Paris Hilton grew up in Los Angeles and counted Kim Kardashian as a playmate.

Paul Rudd attended high school and college in Kansas before pursuing an acting career.

Rachel McAdams grew up in Canada. She was a competitive ice skater until she was 18.

Renee Zellweger was a cheerleader and a member of the speech team at her high school in Katy, Texas.

Ryan Seacrest got his start as a morning radio show announcer at his Georgia high school.

Taylor Lautner grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His dad's job as an airline pilot allowed him to travel to acting auditions for free.

Taylor Swift began playing guitar at age 12 and by age 14 her father moved the family to Nashville.

You've seen celebrity yearbook photos...

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