We Bet You Never Knew These 18 Celebrities Owned Sports Teams

LeBron James at Liverpool FC

Photo: AP Images

Magic Johnson will become the latest celebrity to own a sports franchise when his group officially buys the Los Angeles Dodgers for $2 billion.Like most celebrities, Johnson will own just a small sliver of the team.

But given his star power, he’ll be trotted out before the public to bolster the team’s popularity.

Think you can name the stars Magic is following into sports ownership?

Usher owns a small piece of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Steve Nash owns part of the Vancouver Whitecaps MLS team, he even sat in the middle of the stands at their inaugural home game

LeBron James owns a small slice of Liverpool FC, he took a trip there this fall to check out the team

A bunch of stars have stakes in the Miami Dolphins, including Fergie

The Williams sister have a slice Dolphins too

As does Gloria Estefan

Will Smith got a piece of his hometown Philadelphia 76ers when a new ownership group came in this summer

David Letterman is a partner in the the part-time IndyCar racing team Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing

Russell Crowe owns the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby team in Australia

'Price Is Right' host Drew Carey is a huge soccer fan, and owns a piece of the Seattle Sounders

Nelly owns a tiny sliver of the Bobcats

Magic Johnson just became the face of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he owns a small stake in the team

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George W. Bush used to own the Texas Rangers.

Nolan Ryan now owns the Texas Rangers.

Michael Jordan owns the Charlotte Bobcats, the worst team in the league.

We guess Mark Cuban qualifies as a celebrity. He owns the Mavericks, obviously.

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