Biggest Celebrity Side-Business FAILS

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We’ve shown you the celebrities who have made a name for themselves in businesses outside of their chosen industries, but what about the ones who weren’t so lucky? These are some of the biggest stars’ biggest business fails. While not all of them are completely out of businesses, Oprah‘s disastrous OWN is still on the air, but many of these celebrities need a crash course in entrepreneurship. 

Take a look at these ridiculous, irritating, or terribly thought out side ventures. 

Nicky Hilton is terrible at making hotels.

How ironic.

The hotel heiress strayed away from the family business by attempting to build a 94-room luxury hotel located on Ocean Drive in Miami just in time for the 2007 Super Bowl. The suites would have been priced at $1,000 a night for the big game, and Hilton even started preparing for a secondary location to be set in Chicago.

However, the building was plagued with problems from the ground up and it was never finished. The icing on the cake was when Hilton's contractors sued her for improperly advertising and endorsing the hotel. The heiress should probably just stick to designing clothing lines and beauty products.

Natalie Portman tried too hard to be eco-friendly.

In 2008, Natalie Portman decided to appease all of the vegan people around the world by introducing a new vegan-friendly line of footwear.

The company with whom Portman collaborated, Te Casan, released the shoe with a steep price tag of $275 for a pair of heels.

Not even a whole year later, the parent company and Portman's creation were shut down because of low sales.

The Kardashians are terrible at banking. Not a surprise.

Considering how much the Kardashians love putting their 'K' monikers on everything, a prepaid card seemed like the obvious way to go.

The Kardashian Kard was created in 2010 for teens who wanted to have the experience of a card and for parents who wanted to control their kids' spending habits.

But the card was filled with ridiculous fees from the starter fee of $60 to $100, to the Bill Pay-Per Item fee of $2. Check out the rest of the ridiculous fees here.

The card was 'kanceled' less than a month after its release and the Kardashians disavowed it completely. 'Saturday Night Live' was quick to make jokes at the sisters' expense

Kim Basinger thought Georgia could be the Las Vegas of the South.

Starting a tourism-based city can be hard. Just ask the guy selling the town where 'The Hunger Games' was filmed.

Although District 12 is in high demand by Hunger Game fans, Braselton, Georgia is most certainly not.

In 1989, 'LA Confidential' star Kim Basinger tried to turn the small 400-person town into a tourist mecca by buying the city for $20 million, trying open movie theatres and attempting to start a film festival a la Sundance.

But just two years later, the actress and her investors had to sell the town for a meager $1 million.

Suzanne Sommers wanted to help you prepare family meals.

'Bringing back the family dinner' is a really noble idea, but the execution was all wrong when Suzanne Sommers tried it in 2006.

Sommers tried to help people prepare dinner themselves using recipes and ingredients from her cookbooks. However, the 'Three's Company' actress was accused of changing the concept to using only organic products by her former business partner, former Governor of Kentucky John Y. Brown.

The new idea tanked the business in three months.

For a woman who made the 'Thighmaster' so famous, this was a real letdown.

Hulk Hogan was very wrong about America's love for pasta.

Hulk Hogan just can't stop churning out the bad merchandising. From his own George Foreman Grill rip-off to disgusting energy drinks, the famous wrestler seems desperate to be an entrepreneur.

In 1995, Hogan opened Pastamania in the food court of Minnesota's Mall of America as well as debuting new 'Spaghetti-O' style canned noodles called 'Hulkaroos' and 'Hulk-U's'.

Needless to say these were not successful products. The 'restaurant' didn't even last a whole year.

This is Donald Trump's worst idea since attempting to run for President.

Donald Trump is a great businessman. He's had a lot of success with his Apprentice show and he's made millions being a great businessman.

But packaged 'Trump Steaks'- not a great business venture. Back in 2007, Trump decided to team up with Sharper Image (let that sink in) and create 'individually sealed, flash frozen, carefully packed in dry ice' steaks that would be shipped in a 'Trump-ed out' black and gold box.

The Trump Steak idea died. Sharper Image is no longer selling the meat.

Shaquille O'Neal takes a tired idea and makes it terrible.

In 1994, the video game company Electronic Arts (EA) released a new 2D fighting game with Shaquille O'Neal in the vein of 'Street Fighter' or 'Mortal Combat.' Sounds decent, right?

Only until people started playing. And only until you hear the name: Shaq Fu. No, we're not kidding.

Here's the synopsis: O'Neal makes his way into a kung fu dojo on his way to a charity basketball game in Japan. Somehow, he wanders into another dimension and has to defeat an evil mummy who has kidnapped a young boy.

The game was considered to be one of the worst of all time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and other big stars (Planet Hollywood).

Hard Rock Cafe's success brought on the hope for yet another celebrity/Hollywood imagery filled eatery that tourists could flock to all around the world.

Iin order to get people on board, CEO Robert Earl had celebrity investors endorse and cooperate in the Planet Hollywood marketing.

Big stars from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone to Demi Moore put their hands in the operation and all of them regretted it when the business began to falter.

Planet Hollywood is still in business but had to shut down close to 70 locations after filing for bankruptcy in 1999.

Supermodels couldn't quite get people excited about a new cafe.

Even Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson and Naomi Campbell couldn't save this restaurant.

The Fashion Cafe opened in 1995 in Rockefeller centre and featured fashion worn by the many models who invested in the eatery.

While the atmosphere was fun and unique, the cafe was unable to earn back what its cost and had to shut down after just three years.

Don Johnson lost his fortune because of his company.

The 'Miami Vice' star Don Johnson had to file for bankruptcy after his company, Timber Doodle Glade Equity Venture LLC, tanked.

Debt after debt piled up, including thousands of dollars in unpaid grocery bills.

The bank sued the actor for over a million dollars and Johnson had to file Chapter 11 so he didn't lose his house.

Oprah's no longer on top with OWN.

Oprah had the most popular talk show of all time.

Then she had to go and ruin it all with her own channel.

For a complete list of Oprah's downfall by the numbers, check out our detailed post here.

Here are some of the channel's more impressive disasters:

685,000: Viewers lost in first week.

$57 million: losses reported by OWN in 2010

Stan Lee couldn't make his comic empire last online.

During the dotcom emergence, comic book legend Stan Lee decide to take his ideas and put them into a creation, production and marketing company online. The result was Stan Lee Media which was created in 1998.

And it was a disaster.

In two years, the company ran out of capital and had to file for bankruptcy. Towards the end of that year, the co-creator Peter Paul fled to Brazil to escape an investigation into stock transactions of the company.

Not all celebs can break into the fashion industry.

Though she's found success with her 'J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez' clothes and perfumes, Lopez failed with her 'Sweetface' fashion line. The actress/singer said herself that she 'never got a fair chance to do it right.'

Heidi Montag introduced the disgraceful 'Heidiwood' that only lasted one year at Anchor Blue before they severed ties. The outfits were trashy and terribly made.

And of course, there's Kanye West's first attempt at fashion with Pastelle. The men's clothing line was teased by West in 2008 but the rapper never released the finished looks for the general public.

These celeb owned and created restaurants crumbled.

Steven Spielberg should just stick to producing and directing because the restaurant biz didn't work out. In 1994, Spielberg opened Dive! the restaurant in Century City, CA. The eatery had a giant submarine out front and had a 'Deep. See. Experience.' slogan. It closed after five years.

Jennifer Lopez makes our list twice with the Madres restaurant. It seems juggling motherhood and a career was too much to handle when adding a restaurant to the mix. Madres closed in 2008.

Finally, there's Britney Spears' Nyla restaurant that attempted to bring a Cajun-infused menu to New York eaters. New Yorkers weren't pleased and the restaurant suffered terrible reviews and health code violations. Spears cut ties to the eatery only six months in.

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