Donald Trump’s Birther Ranting Sends “Celebrity Apprentice” Ratings Soaring

donald trump apprentice

Say what you want about his hair (and everyone always does).

But Donald Trump is a master of synergy: since he’s surfaced as a practically-official presidential hopeful campaigning on birther sentiment, ratings of “The Celebrity Apprentice” are up.

Way up.

Last Sunday (March 28), after a week in which Trump asked “where’s the birth certificate?” on a carousel of news shows, “Celebrity Apprentice” hit a season high in viewer numbers.

Ratings were up 7 per cent — 7.1 million people watched.

Last night, “Apprentice” numbers should have been dented by the American Country Music Awards.

Instead, ratings increased again — to 7.8 million viewers.

Of course, the Meat Loaf meltdown NBC had been promoting ad nauseam since the series premiere finally came to fruition — and it didn’t disappoint, either as a ratings boon or a viewing experience.

In other words, Trump is dumb like a fox — or a man with a fox-ish looking thing on top of his head.

See, it’s really hard not to talk about the hair.

Video below.