'Celebrity Apprentice' alums tell Chelsea Handler why they're not voting for Donald Trump

Chelsea handler celebrity apprentice alums donald trump netflixNetflix/YouTubeFrom left, Lisa Lampanelli, Clay Aiken, NeNe Leakes, host Chelsea Handler, and Khloe Kardashian on Netflix’s ‘Chelsea.’

Chelsea Handler assembled former “Celebrity Apprentice” contenders to discuss Donald Trump.

“I wanted to put together a list of a group of people that have all worked with [Trump],” Handler began, “because I know there’s a lot of discussion about whether this is an act, everything he’s doing on his campaign, if this is his real personality, of if he’s just touching on hot-button issues to make himself more popular.”

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Khloé Kardashian, former “American Idol” contender Clay Aiken, comedian Lisa Lampanelli, and former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Nene Leakes said on the Netflix talk show that they’re not voting for their former TV boss for president.

Leakes said the Trump camp had asked her to make a speech in support of him, but she declined.

Handler asked Leakes, “You don’t want to represent him?” 

“No,” Leakes answered.

Several of the guests agreed that his kids, especially Ivanka Trump, are an asset.

“Someone raised those kids right,” Lampanelli said. “And whomever the mother is, did that.”

Lampanelli then added, “In all honesty, Chelsea, I have no problem with Trump as a human being … But here’s the deal, Trump is effing crazy. Because in that boardroom, he will say some crazy stuff to the women.”

The comedian, who had lost a lot of weight since she was on the NBC show, said she felt left out when Trump made compliments about the other women’s beauty around her.

Aiken feels Trump is running for president because he’s a narcissist.

“This campaign for him, I don’t think is about being president,” Aiken explained. “It’s about having a hundred per cent name recognition, about being able to say he won, which I think he probably will do. And that’s frightening to me.”

Watch the discussion below:

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