14 celebrities who have talked about smoking weed

Kevin Winter/GettySome celebrities have been outspoken about smoking weed.

No matter which side of the debate you’re on, there’s no denying that marijuana use has become much less of a taboo topic than it once was. Research has proven that marijuana has medical benefits, including easing chronic pain, anxiety, and stress. And as states move to make medical and recreational use legal, weed is gaining mainstream acceptance.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities are outspoken advocates for the legalization of marijuana and are helping to further the cause. These celebs are loud and proud about their love for weed and give marijuana credit for helping then cope with their physical and emotional issues.

Matthew McConaughey once said Snoop Dogg swapped out prop weed for the real stuff when they were filming.

GettyMcConaughey played the ultimate stoner in ‘Dazed and Confused.’

In the classic cult film “Dazed and Confused,” actor Matthew McConaughey played the ultimate stoner. In real life, it seems McConaughey may like to smoke marijuana as well.

The actor’s smoking made headlines when McConaughey was arrested in Austin in 1999 for possession of marijuana paraphernalia after police responded to a call of loud music at his apartment.

Since then, McConaughey has stayed relatively mum on his marijuana use, but did claim that Snoop Dogg swapped out prop weed for the real stuff when they were filming “The Beach Bum.”

Whoopi Goldberg launched her own line of CBD products.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesWhoopi Goldberg has her own line of CBD products.

Whoopi Goldberg has no problem being open about her love of marijuana. In 2014 she wrote a column for The Cannabist extolling the virtues of her vape pen and explaining how she uses cannabis to treat her glaucoma.

The actress and host of “The View” believes so much in the healing properties of marijuana that she launched Whoopi and Maya, her own line of medical cannabis products. The product line includes bath soaks and body balms designed to treat menstrual and muscle cramps.

Lady Gaga said smoking helps manage the physical and emotional stress of stardom.

Tim P. Whitby/Getty ImagesLady Gaga credits weed for helping her chronic pain.

Pop star Lady Gaga has attributed marijuana to helping her manage the chronic pain she experiences from fibromyalgia. She said that marijuana also helps her cope with the stress that can come with a life in the spotlight. In 2011, she told “60 Minutes” that she often smokes weed when she writes music to help stimulate her creative process.

But in a 2013 radio interview, Gaga mentioned that the pressure to constantly create great music led her to rely on weed a little too much. She admitted that at one point in her life she was addicted to marijuana, at times smoking 15 to 20 joints per day.

Snoop Dogg said that Willie Nelson once out-smoked him.

Sean M. Haffey / GettySnoop Dogg has long been a big fan of weed.

It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg likes weed. In fact, getting high is a consistent theme in most of the “Gin and Juice” rapper’s lyrics. And although many people have tried to go toe to toe (or joint for joint) with Snoop, The Dogfather said once that only country star Willie Nelson has been able to out-smoke him.

Like many other celebrities, Snoop has gotten into the business of weed, with Leafs by Snoop, his line of cannabis products available in Colorado.

Comedian Sarah Silverman keeps her pot all in the family.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty ImagesSilverman enjoys weed with her family.

Sarah Silverman has made her love of marijuana known to her fans. Silverman even gave Giuliana Rancic a peek at her weed vape pen during a 2014 Emmys red carpet interview.

Apparently, Silverman’s pot consumption is a family affair. In a 2015 appearance on “Conan,” the comedian shared stories with O’Brien about getting high with her father and stepmother.

SNL’s Pete Davidson says he smokes to manage his anxiety

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBCDavidson has been using weed to help his mental and physical health.

“Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson says that his marijuana use has helped him manage the symptoms of his borderline personality disorder and Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. Davidson says that smoking has helped him deal with the symptoms of both.

But for Ariana Grande’s fiancĂ©, the medical benefits are just an added bonus. Davidson admits that he just likes smoking weed. “I’ve been smoking weed every day for eight years,” Davidson told Howard Stern in an interview.

Smoking has helped Melissa Etheridge through breast cancer treatments.

Rick Diamond/Getty ImagesEtheridge uses marijuana for effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

Singer/songwriter, Melissa Etheridge has been using marijuana medicinally since her 2004 breast cancer diagnosis. Etheridge said that smoking has helped her deal with the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

But in 2017, Etheridge was pulled over by Customs and Border Protection agents as her tour bus crossed the border from Canada into the United States. She was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana when agents said they found cannabis oil and a vape pen in her possession.

But the star was all smiles in her mugshot. Etheridge told Variety she “felt like a rock star,” after her arrest which put her in the company of fellow musicians Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Paul McCartney who have all been arrested on marijuana charges int he past..

Willie Nelson has maintained his pot-loving image for years.

Jason Davis/Getty Images for SiriusXMSnoop Dogg said Willie Nelson out-smoked him.

Country superstar Willie Nelson is probably one of the most famous weed smoking celebrities. And although Nelson is 85 years old, he can still smoke with the best of them, including Snoop Dogg. And he shows no sign of slowing down.

Willie has been able to capitalise on his image with Willie’s Reserve, his personal line of cannabis products.

Jennifer Lawrence admitted to inhaling before the Oscars.

Cindy Ord/GettyLawrence admitted to smoking weed before the Oscars.

Although actress Jennifer Lawrence is not an outspoken pot smoker, she has said she’s smoked in the past. Lawrence told Andy Cohen on a 2015 episode of “Watch What Happens Live” that she smoked out of a bong before an Oscars ceremony. Although Cohen tried to pin down which show she was referring to, Lawrence kept him guessing about the answer.

Seth Rogen thinks his smoking may have cost him a role in a Steven Spielberg film.

Christopher Polk/Getty ImagesRogen has modelled lots of characters after his own weed-loving personality.

Actor Seth Rogen has hilariously played a stoner in films like “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express.” So it’s probably not surprising that his life often imitates his art. Rogen admits that he often smokes while writing, and told MTV News that weed helps make the daily grind a lot more manageable. “Who wants to work? But if you’re stoned, it doesn’t seem like work,” he said.

But the “Pineapple Express” star’s affinity for pot may be the reason why he’s never been cast in a Steven Spielberg film. The actor told Jimmy Kimmel that he was smoking a joint at a Hollywood party when the award-winning director approached him. Rogen joked that Spielberg doesn’t like weed and has probably held it against him ever since.

Woody Harrelson is trying to change the laws about marijuana quality.

Getty Images/Pascal Le SegretainHarrelson is a member of the advisory board of the National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Woody Harrelson is widely-known as an advocate for marijuana consumption. But the actor also works to change the laws about the safety of the weed people consume.

Harrelson is a member of the advisory board of the National Organisation for Reform of Marijuana Laws, an organisation working to legalise responsible adult marijuana use and ensure the safety and quality of the product for users.

Ricky Williams advocates for marijuana as a safe and effective pain reliever.

Eliot J. Schechter/Getty ImagesWilliams is a big advocate for marijuana use.

During his days in the NFL, Ricky Williams’ use of marijuana for treatment of depression and anxiety cost him money and endorsements. But the Heisman Trophy winner has been able to turn his fondness for weed into a business.

Since his retirement in 2011, Williams has studied herbalism and the effects of cannabis on the body. He touts the benefits of cannabis in helping to alleviate pain without doing damage to the liver, as other pain relievers can. Williams has also introduced his own line of cannabis products, “Real Wellness by Ricky Williams,” which are sold in various California dispensaries.

Wiz Khalifa maintains his stash.

Theo Wargo/GettyKhalifa has his own strain of marijuana.

After his 2011 album entitled “Rolling Papers,” it should be no surprise that Wiz Khalifa likes weed. The rapper told Vice that marijuana helps him relax and allows him to think in a more creative way. Because marijuana is so important to his creative process, Khalifa always comes prepared with his own. He told Vice that he keeps six joints rolled at all times.

The rapper has also taken advantage of the growing business of weed. He has partnered with River Rock Cannabis to create his own strain of marijuana,Khalifa Kush.

Talk show host Bill Maher says weed helps him write.

HBOMaher credits weed with helping with his political process.

If you enjoy Bill Maher’s witty political humour, weed may have something to do with it. Maher has acknowledged that smoking weed helps him with his creative process.

The “Real Time” host has gone on record supporting the legalization of marijuana.

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