11 celebrities who have helped other stars in their careers

Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesCelebrities often help each other out.

From an outsider’s perspective, Hollywood seems like a close-knit friend group, a lunch table full of A-list stars who all know one another and hit the same parties. Although that, of course, isn’t the case, it is true that a number of stars rub shoulders with each other at industry events – and many even go out of their way to help one another’s careers. From co-workers to mentors to friends, we rounded up a number of celebrities who have made a positive impact on other celebrities’ careers.

Usher helped launch Justin Bieber’s staggering career.

The R&B singer famously helped usher then-preteen-Bieber out of oblivion, with the help of manager Scooter Braun. After hearing Bieber’s voice, Usher was instantly smitten, signing him to Island Def Jam Recordings.

“I didn’t know what he would be but I knew I wanted to be involved,” he told “Good Morning America Weekend.” “And when I finally got the chance to hear him sing, I knew that this was a kid that was going to go very far. And I felt like I could offer him a lot.”

Jane Fonda mentored Meryl Streep.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesMeryl Streep compliment Jane Fonda during her AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.

It’s hard to fathom Meryl Streep needing any help, but if someone was going to guide the young actress, of course it was “Grace & Frankie” star Jane Fonda. Streep commended her mentor in a speech at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony in 2014, thanking her for her advice and guidance.

“All of the young actors I’ve worked with subsequently, in the years following, thank you too, because that lesson and kindness got passed down,” she said. “And it does keep going.”

Shonda Rhimes encouraged Ellen Pompeo to know her worth.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesRhimes taught Pompeo how to know her worth.

Ellen Pompeo is now the highest-paid actress on a prime-time drama – and Shonda Rhimes has a lot to do with that.

“Decide what you think you’re worth and then ask for what you think you’re worth,” Rhimes recalled telling the TV doctor. “Nobody’s going to just give it to you.”

Oprah helped launch Dr. Phil into stardom.

OWN/YouTubeOprah gave Dr. Phil his career.

Without Oprah, it’s likely you wouldn’t know Dr. Phil’s name – and he certainly wouldn’t have his own talk show.

“When you get into Oprah’s orbit it doesn’t affect your career,” he told CNN of the kingmaker, “it defines your career. I had no desire to be on television before and she made me see the value of it and she made me understand the power of it and without Oprah there would be no ‘Dr. Phil.’ That’s a pretty big impact.”

Emily Blunt encouraged John Krasinski to dream big.

Ben Gabbe/Getty ImagesBlunt encourages Krasinski in this career.

John Krasinski was already successful when he met his now-wife Emily Blunt – but she encourages him to do more than he might otherwise.

“I was originally just going to star [in ‘A Quiet Place’] and Emily told me I had to direct it,” the “Office” star told The Independent. “She knew it was a huge opportunity for me, and in the madness she just let me be myself. I honestly feel I wouldn’t have this career if I hadn’t met her because she’s taught me so much about how to go about the business. She’s been my secret ingredient.”

Mindy Kaling interned with Conan O’Brien.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DisneyMindy claims she was O’Brien’s worst intern.

Before “The Mindy Project” and “The Office,” Kaling was an intern at “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” The funnyman gave her a chance on his show when she was a 19-year-old college sophomore – though she admits she didn’t exactly take it seriously.

“I was the worst intern that’s ever worked on the program,” she admitted on his show. “I wouldn’t do the things I was hired to do … I would just follow you around.”

Justin Bieber helped launch Madison Beer’s singing career.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty ImagesBieber praised Beer’s talents.

Usher helped out Justin, so he decided to pass the torch by discovered YouTube singer Madison Beer.

In 2012, Bieber uncovered a Youtube video of Beer singing “At Last” by Etta James and was starstruck.

“She can sing,” he tweeted to his millions of followers. “Great job.” Beer’s name promptly went viral, and soon after she was signed to Justin’s label.

Taylor Swift improved Troye Sivan’s record sales.

Vivien Killilea/Getty ImagesSwift endorsed Sivan.

Sivan found out first-hand how good it is to be in Taylor Swift’s squad when the pop superstar endorsed his sophomore album “Wild” on Twitter in 2015. His global streams on Spotify increased 20% day-over-day, according to Mashable, and he and his management team could scarcely contain themselves.

“I hardly slept that night,” he told Mashable. “It feels so amazing to be validated by someone who I look up to so much.”

Edward Herrman helped Alexis Bledel on the set of “Gilmore Girls.”

Warner Bros.Herrman mentored Bledel.

The late Edward Herrman knew Bledel was new to acting, so he made it his mission to help her out.

“He was highly intelligent. He loved to play,” Emily Bishop, who played matriarch Emily Gilmore, recalled to the Today Show. “He mentored Alexis, he really took her under his wing because he realised she was new to the business. He was a doll. He was my buddy.”

Amy Poehler changed the lives of the “Broad City” creators.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ViacomPoehler helped bring the show to Comedy Central.

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson didn’t expect much when they asked Amy Poehler to be involved in “Broad City,” but they should have: the “Parks & Recreation” funny woman was already a fan of their web series. Poehler helped them take “Broad City” from a LOL-worthy web series to the Comedy Central TV show we all adore today.

Denzel Washington gave Chadwick Boseman an opportunity.

Getty ImagesChadwick Boseman said Denzel Washington is responsible for part of his acting education.

Denzel Washington once paid for Chadwick Boseman’s summer theatre program while the latter was in college. One of Boseman’s acting teachers at Howard University reached out to her celebrity connections to ask for scholarship money, and Washington ended up paying for his program.

“I’m sure he has no idea,” Boseman told Jimmy Fallon in an interview. “I’ve been waiting to meet him, so I can tell him.”

“I think I’ve made it to the point where he’s not going to think I’m trying to get something from him by saying it.”

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