Obama and Romney's Biggest Celebrity Backers [RANKED]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z will host an exclusive $40,000 per-person fundraiser at their 40/40 Club in NYC.

Next week, Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z will open the doors of their exclusive NYC 40/40 Club to President Barack Obama … and 100 close guests. The Hip-Hop Queen and King are hosting an expensive $40,000 per person fundraiser for the president Tuesday, September 18.

While the 100-person event is expected to bring in near $4 million for Obama, they’re not the only celebrities to bring in large amounts to the campaign trail. 

We’ve gathered together the candidates’ biggest supporters in the entertainment industry. (Note: it’s mostly Obama benefiting from the star power. Mitt Romney has his big billionaire backers.)

And, while the Hip-Hop duo won’t top the list for biggest fundraisers, they’ll come pretty darn close.

From Eva Longoria to George Clooney see the large amounts Hollywood’s A-list shelled out and fundraised for the presidential nominees. 

ROMNEY – Jerry Bruckheimer: $25,000

'Pirates of the Caribbean' producer donated to the Romney Victory Fund and attended a Los Angeles fundraiser at the Century Plaza Hotel with nearly 600 donors in March.

ROMNEY – Vince and Linda McMahon: $159,910

WWE exec McMahon and his wife donated $150,000 to Romney's 'Restore our Future' super PAC and $9,910 to his victory fund.

ROMNEY – Donald Trump: $600,000

In April, Trump hosted a birthday luncheon for Ann Romney which brought in more than $600,000.

ROMNEY – Robert Duvall: $800,000

The Oscar-winning actor held a fundraiser at his Virginia farm for Ann Romney costing $2,500 per person to attend and $25,000 for dinner at Duvall's home.

OBAMA – Bill Maher: $1 million

In late February HBO's 'Real Time With Bill Maher' host pledged the million dollars to a pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action.

OBAMA – Morgan Freeman: $1 million

During the summer, 'Dark Knight Rises' star Morgan Freeman also donated a million dollars to Priorities USA Action.

OBAMA – Melanie Griffith, Antonio Banderas, Eva Longoria: $1 million +

The former 'Desperate Housewife' hosted the Latino fundraiser at Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith's home in Los Angeles last October. Of the near 200 attendees donating a minimum of $5000, an estimated 40 donors contributed $35,800 each.

On her own, Longoria promised to raise between $200,000-$500,000.

OBAMA – Ryan Murphy: $1.4 million

The 'Glee' creator hosted a $40,000 per person fundraiser in Beverly Hills at his home for nearly 70 people.

OBAMA – Spike Lee: $1.6 million

The director held a $35,800-per-ticket fundraiser in New York City for 45 guests.

OBAMA – Anne Hathaway / Harvey Weinstein: $2 million

The man behind the Weinstein Company held a $35,800 per-person fundraiser at his Connecticut home with co-host Anne Hathaway last month.

OBAMA: Sarah Jessica Parker / Anna Wintour: $2 million

The 'Sex and the City' star hosted a $40,000 per guest fundraiser in Manhattan alongside the Vogue editor in June for 50 people.

OBAMA – Head of DreamWorks Jeffrey Katzenberg: $2 million

Katzenberg told CBS he donated the large amount to the Priorities USA Action super PAC out of concern 'about the attempted hijacking of the elections by Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and other extreme right wing special interest money and felt strongly that a defence had to be mounted.'

OBAMA – Mariah Carey: $2.5 million

After Parker and Wintour's NYC fundraiser, Carey performed for 250 supporters at the Plaza Hotel who each paid $10,000 for dinner a show.

OBAMA – Tyler Perry: $4.8 million

Perry hosted a dinner for nearly 40 people at a reported $35,800 per ticket. The event, held at his private residence in Atlanta included an appearance by Oprah.

OBAMA – Russell Simmons and Deepak Chopra: $5 million

The music exec and author along with others hosted 900 guests at the NYC ABC Carpet & Home department store in March with a performance by The Roots and Aziz Ansari presenting.

OBAMA – George Clooney: $15 million

The actor held a 150-person fundraiser for Obama in May at his Los Angeles Studio City home that raised $15 million between $40,000 tickets and raffle donations.

You've seen which celebrities back the presidential candidates ...

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