9 Super Hot Celebrities Who Have A Thing For Wall Streeters

Tyra Banks and John Utendahl

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Aside from being the Masters of the Universe making the big bucks, some Wall Streeters have managed to become romantically involved with some super hot celebrities. We’ve compiled a list supermodels, movie stars and socialites who have had a thing for Wall Street guys.  

Some of the relationships have flourished, while others have ended.

During our search, we even found one hedge funder who has managed to be with two celebrities.  We also have a supermodel who has been with two Wall Street moguls.  

Actress Mary-Kate Olsen and private equity managing director Olivier Sarkozy

Status: Dating for about a month.

Her: The 25-year-old Olsen twin is known for her role as Michelle Tanner on Full House. She's also made several films in her career with her fraternal twin sister, Ashley. The Olsen twins also have a fashion empire worth about $1 billion.

Him: Sarkozy, 42, is a managing director and head of the global financial services group at private equity firm the Carlyle Group. Prior to joining Carlyle, Sarkozy was the global co-head of the financial institutions group at UBS, and also worked at Credit Suisse for 11 years.

Fun Fact: Olsen's new beau is also the younger half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Source: Page Six

Supermodel Devon Aoki and venture capitalist James Bailey

Status: Married

Her: She's a 5-foot-5 supermodel who has modelled for Lancome, Chanel and Versace. She's also an actress (2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City) and she's had several cameos in music videos. She's also the Benihana restaurant chain heiress.

Him: He's currently an associate at venture capital firm GRP Partners in Los Angeles. Prior to that, he worked as an analyst for Boston-based private equity firm TA Associates. He's an ace swimmer and he graduated from Harvard in 2007

Fun Fact: The couple welcomed a baby boy last June.

Source: HuffPo and StarCam

Socialite Pippa Middleton and stockbroker Alex Loudon

Status: Broken-up

Her: She's Kate Middleton's little sister who awed the world with her gorgeous figure at the royal wedding last year.

Him: Loudon (Alexander Guy Rushworth Loudon, to be precise) is a stockbroker. He's 6-foot-3 and plays cricket. He was friends with Prince William growing up. Learn more about him here.

Fun Fact(s): When they were together, they experimented with a 'trial marriage.' Their relationship reportedly ended in November 2011.

Source: The Daily

Soap opera star Adriana Ferreyr and hedge fund manager George Soros

Status: Broken-up

Her: She's a Brazilian soap opera star famous for her star role on Marisol, a popular Brazilian show. Ferreyr began her acting career at age 9 and she's been in McDonald's commercials, too. She also spends her time doing volunteer work.

Him: The Hungarian-born billionaire hedge fund titan closed his hedge fund to outside investors last year. The 81-year-old hedge fund manager is still active attending Davos and writing op-eds.

Fun Fact(s): Their love story began at a luncheon in 2006 in the Hamptons. Soros was reportedly smitten with Ferreyr from the moment he laid eyes on her. They dated for five years and spent holidays together in St. Barts. Ferreyr claimed that Soros heartlessly dumped her in a $50 million lawsuit she filed last fall against her ex-boyfriend. In the suit, Ferreyr claims he reneged on a promise to buy her a $1.9 million apartment and that he threw a lamp at her when she tried to talk to him about it. Soros denied those allegations.

Source: IMDB, Source: New York Post

Supermodel Tyra Banks and investment banker John Utendahl

Status: Broken-up

Her: The supermodel is the host of popular television series 'America's Next Top Model.' Banks has modelled for Victoria's Secret among countless other top designers and she's graced the covers of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ and Sports Illustrated.

Him: Utendahl, is a former Deutsche Bank executive and now runs boutique investment bank Utendahl Capital Partners.

Fun Fact: Sometime after the break-up, Banks embarked on a 'Eat, Pray, Love' inspired spiritual journey to Bali followed by a lot of island hopping, according to Page Six.

Source: Page Six

Supermodel Elle Macpherson and investment banker Roger Jenkins

Status: Dating

Her: The gorgeous 48-year-old Australian native is a model and actress who has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Him: Jenkins, 56, is a managing partner at Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual. Prior to joining BTG Pactual, he worked at Barclays where he worked as the chairman of investment banking and investment management for the Middle East from April 2008 to August 2009.

Fun Fact(s): The couple made their first public appearance together at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in late April. They were recently caught kissing at Los Angeles International Airport.

Source: The Scottish Daily Record

Supermodel Elle Macpherson and hedge funder Arpad 'Arki' Busson

Status: Divorced

Her: Again, she's a gorgeous Australian-born supermodel who has a smoking hot figure at age 48.

Him: Busson, 49, is a French hedge funder and the founder of fund-of-funds company EIM Group, which he founded in 1992.

Fun Fact(s): They were together form 1995 to 2005. They have two children together.

Actress Uma Thurman and hedge funder Arpad 'Arki' Busson

Status: Expecting their first child.

Her: Thurman is an actress known for her roles in Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Kill Bill' films.

Him: Busson, 49, is a French hedge funder and the founder of fund-of-funds company EIM Group, which he founded in 1992.

Fun Fact(s): Thurman, who is pregnant with Busson's child, has two children from her previous marriage. Busson has two children from his previous relationship with model Elle Macpherson.

Thurman and Busson were engaged after they began dating in 2007, but that relationship ended in November 2009. They got back together in 2011.

Source: People Magazine

Supermodel Jessica White and banker Bruce DeWitt

Status: Engagement called off.

Her: She's a supermodel who is also a Maybelline cosmetics spokeswoman. She also a lingerie and swimsuit model.

Him: He's a British-born Wall Street banker.

Fun Fact: They were engaged for just over a month and the relationship was kept on the down-low.

Source: New York Post

Model Elin Nordegren and investor Jamie Dingman

Status: Broken-up

Her: She's Tiger Woods' ex-wife. She's also a Swedish model.

Him: Dingman, a wealthy investor, is said to be an 'accomplished emerging-markets veteran who has represented his father's interests in China for the past six years.'

Fun Fact(s): They met in early 2011 at a charity ball in Florida. They first reported to be in a relationship last summer. They ended their relationship back in January, according to People magazine.

Source: People Source: NYPost

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