What 22 celebrities really think about Valentine's Day

Celebs v dayFrazer Harrison/Getty Images for ELLE/Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images/Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesCelebrities got real about their Valentine’s Day feelings.
  • Valentine’s Day always sparks a lot of feelings for people, negative and positive.
  • Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Blake Lively, Neil Patrick Harris, and more have strong V-Day thoughts.
  • And there’s sure to be a feeling from a celebrity to match yours about this holiday.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, most people have an opinion, including celebrities. Some of them love it, a lot of them hate it, and some of them are still making up their minds.

If you’re looking for some V-Day inspiration from the stars, or just want to see if your anti-Valentine’s Day feelings are matched by any celebrities, read on. There’s a little something for everyone, just like in a heart-shaped chocolate variety box.

Christina Hendricks thinks Valentine’s Day is “amateur night.”

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly & PeopleChristina Hendricks.

The “Mad Men” star told Newsday that she and her husband “usually try to reschedule Valentine’s Day … We just do it when we’re ready to do it. We don’t like to have a set menu and we don’t like heart-shaped shrimp. There’s just no reason everything has to be heart-shaped.”

Ian Somerhalder changed his mind about the meaning of the holiday.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ELLEIan Somerhalder.

“I used to think this day was a conspiracy of chocolatiers and florists,” the “Vampire Diaries” actor wrote on Instagram in 2015. “But I realise that taking a day out of our busy lives to celebrate the love in our lives is so important and should be every day. Celebrate love in your life – it’s what makes the world go around.”

But he also added that he still doesn’t want the day to pressure people into spending a bunch of money to celebrate. “THAT’S the corporate side that makes me sad. Love should be simple but thoughtful – a gesture or loving act shouldn’t be judged by its price tag,” he said.

Neil Patrick Harris wants everyone to spread the love.

Kevin Winter/GettyNeil Patrick Harris.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re in a relationship or not, make sure to tell those close to you that you love ’em,” he tweeted in 2013.

Ashton Kutcher may have starred in the movie “Valentine’s Day,” but he’s not a fan of the holiday.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesAshton Kutcher.

Back in 2010, the actor told Parade that he was anti-Valentine’s Day.

“I hate Valentine’s Day. I can’t stand it. I think that every day should be a day of romance,” he said, adding, “I think you should celebrate love 364 days out of the year. Then, on Valentine’s Day, you should get to tell whoever you hate that you cannot stand them. There would be one day of hating and 364 days of love.”

Kelly Rowland said her husband came around to the holiday for her.

“To my favourite guy who gave up HIS dislike for V-day to shower me with love, flowers, and such! I LOVE YOU BABE! This smile on my face belongs to you! XO,” the Destiny’s Child singer wrote on an Instagram photo of her and her husband, Tim Witherspoon.

Carrie Underwood wants the holiday to be every day.

“I don’t believe – and this goes for anybody – your man shouldn’t love you for one day out of 365. He should love you 365 days out of the year. I want Valentine’s Day every day,” the singer told People in 2009.

Jane Lynch doesn’t buy into Valentine’s Day hype.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesJane Lynch.

“It’s the most ridiculous holiday that has been created by greeting cards,” the actress said, in an interview with Yahoo.

“The Bachelor” star Catherine Giudici Lowe likes a low-key holiday.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty ImagesCatherine Giudici and Sean Lowe.

She told People that she and husband Sean Lowe don’t put too much pressure on themselves to plan the perfect day.

“There’s no pressure for the buttoned-up Valentine’s Day that a lot of people experience feel pressured to do,” she said. “I feel like when you’re expecting or needing expectations of really fancy plans, it never goes right. So, let’s just have some fun.”

Anna Kendrick goes for practical V-Day gifts.

Jason Merritt/Getty ImagesAnna Kendrick.

She told InStyle that she once gifted a boyfriend a spatula “because he needed it. It wasn’t that romantic, but I wrapped it in pink paper,” she said.

Amanda Seyfried can always count on her four-legged valentine.

Getty Images/Alberto E. RodriguezAmanda Seyfried.

The “Mamma Mia” star told People that her dog Finn is always her valentine. She said, “Finn looks at me when I talk to him. He just wants to be with me. That’s what everyone wants in a partner, right?”

Gillian Jacobs said she thinks people focus too much on what’s going to happen.

Getty/Pascal Le SegretainGillian Jacobs.

“It’s one of those holidays where it’s just all expectations so it can be nothing but disappointment,” the Community star told Yahoo. “Unless someone gets you a bouquet made of diamonds it’s going feel like a letdown.”

Nick Kroll isn’t a fan of the holiday.

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesNick Kroll.

The comedian created a special Valentine’s Day episode for his animated Netflix series “Big Mouth” to show how he’s always felt about the holiday. “It’s not this wonderful thing,” Kroll told Uproxx. “It’s generally, I think for a lot of people, this thing that’s filled with stress and a lot of anxiety.”

Blake Lively takes Valentine’s Day super seriously.

“If I’m this obnoxious at 30, you can only imagine how EXTRA I was on ‘spirit day’ at school,” she captioned a photo of herself wearing red heart shoes, carrying a red purse, wearing a red jacket, and eating a red, heart-shaped doughnut.

Candace Cameron Bure makes Valentine’s Day all about her partner.

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesCandace Cameron Bure.

“Show them how much you love them by doing one of their favourite activities,” she told Parade. “For instance, my husband loves golf – I don’t play, but it’d be very romantic if I booked a tee time for the two of us. And even if I don’t actually play, I can still drive the cart or walk the course with him.”

Viola Davis grew up celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesViola Davis.

“My father would always give us beautiful huge cards for Valentine’s Day with chocolates. It always meant so much to me and is what I always remember about Valentine’s Day,” she told InStyle.

Judd Apatow feels pressured by the holiday.

Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesJudd Apatow and Leslie Mann.

“I feel pressure at Valentine’s Day,” said the director, who’s married to actress Leslie Mann. “I just feel like I’m supposed to make it good and then it’s scary and then it’s just all about fear. ‘Am I going to screw it up?'”

Julia Roberts has a special connection to the saint behind the holiday.

Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty ImagesJulia Roberts.

Julia Roberts has mixed feelings on the holiday.

“It’s the holiday that works when it works and stinks when it doesn’t work,” she said in an interview with Tribute Movies. “I guess it’s a card/candy holiday, but there is a Saint Valentine. That’s my confirmation name, Valentine,” she added.

Lili Reinhart plans special makeup for the big day.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty ImagesLili Reinhart.

The “Riverdale” actress told HelloGiggles that she stays away from clichéd red lipstick.

“I’m like, ‘Oh I love Valentine’s Day. I should do a red lip,’ but I feel like red lips just don’t work for me, and I’ve accepted that. I usually play up my eyes, and, to me, that’s more fun anyway,” she said.

Eva Mendes watches “The Notebook” for Valentine’s Day.

During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2014, Mendes revealed that she planned to watch one of her partner Ryan Gosling’s movies on the holiday. “I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person. I’ll probably just order a deep dish and watch ‘The Notebook’ or something and just cry,” she said.

Nina Dobrev changes her mind about the holiday depending on her relationship status.

Mark Davis/Getty ImagesNina Dobrev.

“Valentine’s Day is one of those things that if I have a boyfriend I love it and I think it’s the greatest thing in the world, and then when I’m single I just wish the day never existed,” she told MTV.

Valentine’s Day is all about love for Lily James.

The “Mamma Mia 2” star wrote on Instagram in 2018, “Happy V day. Love yourself. Love your person. Love love love.”

Simone Biles isn’t feeling the holiday.

Neilson Barnard/Getty ImagesSimone Biles.

“Valentine’s day is one big LOL,” the gymnast tweeted in 2017.

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