The music world is being swallowed whole by the Kim K/Taylor Swift feud

Kim Kardashian dropped a major bombshell
 Sunday night via Snapchat showing a recorded phone conversation that appeared to prove that Taylor Swift knew about the diss on Kanye West’s “Famous” before the song was released — and seemed ok with it.
Swift has since responded saying she didn’t know the song’s full lyrics at the time of the call, and she wouldn’t have approved of them if she did.

“Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me ‘that b****’ in his song?” she wrote in an Instagram rebuttal. “It doesn’t exist.”

Since the two women have engaged in a very public she said/she said back-and-forth exchange, Swift and Kardashian’s famous friends have also spoken out in support of one or the other.

Selena Gomez tried to back up her bestie Swift by tweeting:



But Gomez’s tweets backfired when people started calling her and Swift out for not being more vocal about other current issues:

Gomez has been one of just a few celebs to publicly support Swift.

Singer Zendaya has apparently been liking and unliking tweets that call out Swift:

And Demi Lovato is favoriting tweets in favour of Kardashian:

Actress Chloe G Moretz is team nobody and tweeted that she just wants the feud to end:


But Khloe Kardashian did not like that:

Moretz responded with a little “fact check” for Kardashian:

Actress/DJ Ruby Rose is Team Moretz:

Meanwhile, longtime Swift rival Katy Perry is just sitting back and watching the whole thing unfold like:

After Sunday’s drama unfolded, Perry tweeted:

And while Calvin Harris surprisingly hasn’t chimed in yet, we can guess whose team he’s on:


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