QUIZ: Guess which body parts these 10 celebrities had insured for millions of dollars

When picking a brand ambassador, many brands make their choice based on the celebrity’s best assets.

Only the celebrities with the most stunning legs, teeth, and hair make the cut.

That’s why it’s important to prepare for what might happen if things go wrong. And insuring those body parts can cost brands in excess of tens of millions of dollars — and in one case $US1 billion.

Can you guess which body parts these celebrities had insured?

This slideshow was compiled using information from an infographic kindly supplied by UK plastic surgery group MyBreast.

It was his dough-rolling hands!

Jason Merrit/Getty

Source: The Daily Mirror

You may not know Gennaro Pelliccia: He's the chief taster for Costa Coffee. Can you guess which part of his body his employers had insured for a princely sum?


Costa had Pelliccia's tongue insured for $13.95 million in 2009.

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