25 Photos Of Celebrities Nerding Out At Comic-Con

jennifer lawrence peter dinklageJennifer Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, and Nicholas Hoult goofed off at the 20th Century Fox panel.

Hollywood’s elite unleashed their inner geeks at Comic-Con this past weekend.

The four-day convention jam-packed celebrity appearances during its dozens of premieres, panels, and previews.

Actors worked the red carpet in comic book underwear, while others hard-core cosplayed as superheroes.

Some channeled their own characters on stage. Bryan Cranston wore a Walter White mask and Tom Hiddleston appeared in full Loki costume.

Fans loved it.

... and co-star Aaron Paul made out with it.

Gillan shaved her head for the role as villain Nebula for the film.

Later, Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, and Nicholas Hoult had an identity crisis at the 20th Century Fox panel.

Seth Green clung to wife Clare Grant at the 10th anniversary party for the Walking Dead comics.

Those were the celebs who geeked out...

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