Here's @CelebBoutique's Incredibly Insensitive Tweet About The Aurora Shooting

celeb boutique

Photo: @celebboutique

What a massive, ridiculous, unforgivable social media fail.Celeb Boutique, an “online boutique loved by your fave celebs and your new addiction,” has tweeted out an incredibly insensitive comment about Aurora, Colorado and the shooting.

Haven’t companies learned by now that they shouldn’t make jokes about serious topics?

It was either ignorance or heartlessness. Perhaps the person saw #Aurora trending and didn’t look up what it was about, or he or she did know about the shooting and decided to make a dumb joke about it.

UPDATE: Celeb Boutique has deleted the offending tweet and followed up with an apology and an explanation about what happened.

Apparently, its PR team isn’t US-based and didn’t know what was going on:

celeb boutique

Photo: @celebboutique


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