Celebrities love this company that makes stunning rose arrangements that can last for an entire year

Venus et fleur pinkVenus ET FleurThe Eternity DE Venus collection in pink.

While flowers make a nice gift for holidays or romantic occasions, they typically only last for a few days.

To combat the vicious cycle of nature, bespoke rose atelier Venus Et Fleur created a collection of roses that they claim can stay fresh for up to a year. 

“People love getting roses, but hate having to throw them away,” Seema Bansal, Venus Et Fleur’s cofounder, said to Business Insider. Bansal and her partner, Sunny Chadha, launched the company in New York City in August 2015.

They came up with the idea after Chadha sent Bansal a set of roses on Valentine’s Day last year, only to realise that the quality of the flowers was not what they had expected from the hefty price tag. 

They made it a goal to create high-quality floral arrangements that can reach a global audience, require little maintenance, and are able to last. 

Venus et fleur colourfulVenus ET FleurCustomised options include playful colours and designs.

The roses can stay fresh and soft for so long because of a special formula and process the company has developed. 

They start by bringing in roses from Ecuador. They will typically use red roses, since red is the most common colour their farm supplier grows. They will then cut the roses at their peak state and use a non-toxic bleach to remove their colour. 

Next, each rose is dehydrated. The roses are then injected with natural oils and a non-toxic and non-allergenic wax formula that is similar to silica. 

Afterwards, the roses sit in a colour tank to soak in their dye. Colours range from a rich red to more playful variations like rainbow and metallic-dipped roses.

The roses come styled in Parisian keepsake boxes, though the company will be introducing black-and-white marble boxes and suede boxes within the next few months.

Since the flowers are dehydrated, the only maintenance they require is a light dusting from time to time, though the company does recommend that you keep the flowers away from excessive sunlight, heat, or humidity. Their scent will typically last anywhere from two to three weeks.

Thanks to their easy maintenance and uniform design, the roses are popular with hotels, at weddings, and with major retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Bergdorf Goodman. 

They’re also a hit with celebrities like the Kardashians, DJ Khaled, Danielle Brooks, and several NBA and NFL players. 

The Eternity DE Venus collection is currently available online, or for pickup at its New York City location. Prices range from $39 to $539, depending on the specific arrangement. 


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